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Much needed NCAA changes coming?
Hoffner returns to Mankato

Harbaugh: We kicked their ass every which way! Sark responds

Jim Harbaugh is one of a kind:  “Dominating!  We kicked their ass every which way!  One hell of a job on both sides of the line!  Dominant, dominant!”

(referencing Stanford’s record against Pete, Lane, Sark, and Nick Holt: "What are you guys, 5-1, 6-1 against that group (in his four-year tenure)? That's the highest-paid coaching staff around!"


Sarkisian’s response: “I guess when you win 41-0 you get to say what you want to say.”


Game Changing Coaches: - Week 9 (See more good stuff from Harbaugh and Sark)


Mike Stoops gets a shot at Harbaugh and Stanford this Saturday: "Jim is Jim. I know he's got a great wife and a great quarterback."

"They move their personnel around. They want to talk about being physical, but it's a game of manipulation when you play Stanford. They create so many formations. It's a very pro-oriented situation when you watch Jim's teams play, but it's more about manipulations than it is anything else."

(pleased with offensive progression in win over UCLA) "I thought we played with a lot of balance as a team. Offensively, that was our biggest production of the year. It was good to see that type of balance, I think our run game has really come on the last couple weeks, and I think that will bode well for us down the stretch."

"Overall, really pleased with the win (but I'm) disappointed we didn't score more points. Red zone efficiency wasn't great. Going on the road and getting three points in a lot of those situations against a really good team will hurt you. We just have to convert more. The points didn't equate to the way we moved the football."

Richt's promise, Saban's request, Tubs is frustrated

Mark Richt says, “We are going to end up turning this thing around.” :  “I think that the game this Saturday was a game that could have gone either way, but it didn’t go our way. People are tired of hearing that, and I’m kind of tired of it myself. I don’t like the record myself. But we are going to keep banging, and we are going to end up turning this thing around. I thought it was going to happen on Saturday, but it didn’t.”

“So what are we going to do? We are going to go back and make sure everything we’re doing is the very best it can be. I am very encouraged with our new athletics director Mr. McGarity, Greg McGarity. I think he is very intent and excited about looking at every facet of our program and helping me and us make any type of changes that can help us. Of course, him being at Florida for some time certainly gives him the credibility of knowing what the national championship team looks like . . . I am excited about some of the things Mr. McGarity and I have talked about.”


Nick Saban makes specific request for his statue outside Bryant-Denny Stadium: "I haven't seen it. It isn't up yet. They had some problems. They didn't have much to work with [laughter]. It's a little more difficult than the other ones they had to do. I don't even know when it will be done. The one thing I was really adamant about was I didn't even want it put up unless all of the players' names were on a plaque or something with the statue. That should be a symbol of what the team accomplished, not what a coach did."

(on if Alabama is his last coaching stop) "I don't have many stops left, but I'm sure happy to be here. When I took this job, this was going to be the last thing that we do. I'm happy. I used to be driven for the next job. Even when I wanted to be a NFL head coach in previous years, when I got the opportunity, it wasn't what I thought. The league had changed a lot since I was last in it as an assistant before there was free agency. When I took this job, it was like, 'I'm happy to have a really good job at a really good place, and I want to develop relationships and be there for a long time.' "


Tuberville frustrated with 4-4 record, fininsh by hosting Mizzou, at Oklahoma, Weber State, Houston: “Everybody says … (the offense has changed). It’s not any different offense. It’s just we’ve tried to get the best out of some of the players, like our running backs, we possibly can. And to go along, too, to help the defense, because we knew we were going to struggle on defense. We don’t have quite the defense it takes right now to win the Big 12. It’s obvious by looking at it. So when you’re trying to work the offense to try to help the defense, sometimes that takes away from what you really want to do. Each week, it’s a different struggle.”

“We haven’t really struggled scoring points. We’ve just been inconsistent. It all goes back to offensive line — all new offensive line. We haven’t had as much time to throw the ball as we’d like. We’ve had receivers in and out.”


Apparently, Todd Grantham didn't want Chas Henry to make that game-winning field goal:



These guys can coach

This week's group of Game Changing Coaches truly deserves the recognition.  Read about what they did and we think you'll agree. 

Every Tuesday during the season, we recognize the coaches involved in the most outstanding coaching performances from the past weekend.  This is our third year of this award winning series.

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See the coaches we have recognized for Week #9 right here.

Urban's evaluation, Gundy wants permanent towers, Lane's presser

Urban Meyer evaluates the Gators’ win over Georgia: “The plan to win…play great defense.  We’re not playing great defense.  It’s just the way it is. We’re just not.  It’s third downs and red zone.  So #1, we did not accomplish. #2, turnovers…we did.  We created 4 turnovers and gave the Florida offense great field position on many occasions.  Red zone, we were 5 of 6.  Kicking game, I don’t count it.  6 of 9 goals reached. 2 punts inside the 10 yard line.   A game winning field goal, however we allowed a kickoff retuned past the 50 yard line at the most critical time in the game, which absolutely cannot happen.”


Gundy asking for permanent video towers: In the wake of the tragedy at Notre Dame, Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy said today he plans to ask for the construction of permanent video towers at the Okie State practice fields.


Memphis coach Larry Porter says Tigers got to reevaluate plans: "Losing does have a momentum of its own. First and foremost, I've got to start with me and my staff. We have to be very critical of what we're doing (and) not necessarily second-guessing ourselves, but just continuing to analyze what we're doing and trying to find ways to put our team in position to be more successful.''


Lane Kiffin says Oregon will probably win it all: "What you're going to see is people are going to start copying them like they always do, every #1 is once they start making a run.  I'm sure people are going to start copying that.  They're probably, I would think, going to run the table and win it all."

(on if defense play good enough to win) "As crazy as it sounds, yes.  We did not play very well at all on offense.  Some people may say, 'What are you talking about?  You scored more on them than they had given up all year long.'  That doesn't matter.  You have to score more than that to beat those guys. Our defense may some mistakes, we didn't play great, but if we had done what we should have done on offense, I still think we could have won the game and it wouldn't have gotten as lopsided as it did, late."



Around the country - Monday afternoon

Utah head coach Kyle Whittinham talks about TCU: "You don’t need to say much.  We don’t need to harp on that (last year's blowout loss) at all.  We hold the advantage 3-2 at this point.  They got us last year, but the previous four games were extremely close."

(on if an undefeated team should play for the national championship over a 1-loss team) "Yes.  Absolutely.  How can you not, if you run the table, (have an undefeated team in the national championship). How can you not put those teams #1 and #2 if they are the only two undefeated teams.  I don’t see any way around that."


$386: The average price on StubHub for a ticket to LSU / Alabama in Tiger Stadium.


Mack Brown praises Kansas State head coach Bill Snyder: “Bill Snyder is one of the great coaches at all-time.  We’re great friends.  He is what Coach Royal is to us.  He’s a living legend.  He’s one of the best coaches in the country.”


Paul Johnson says, “That was their trademark” in reference to VA Tech special teams: "They probably have not been as productive the last couple of years as they have been before. That was their trademark but they are still very good on special teams and they can change the game at any time, be it blocked kicks or returns. They cover kicks well."


Houston Nutt says Rebels have to get back up against ULL: “We’ve just played top 15 teams back to back to back and gave tremendous effort. We have to get back up for this one. We’ve got to reach down and give more.”


Quoting Vanderbilt head coach Robbie Caldwell: “It’s kinda like the keystone cops.  We’re managing to shoot ourselves in the foot.” 

“We’re not quite a no huddle, up tempo team.  We’re on the bubble of it.  We’re back and forth.  Right now, we need some playmakers to do that.” 

(on long-term plans) “We’re all kind of debating that right now, what our plan for the future right now.  We have one in place, but I’m not ready to present it right now.”


Dooley explains what happened at South Carolina: "On defense it was a very similar script as Alabama. Played pretty good and then gave up just five huge plays -- three of them in the fourth quarter, which was the difference in the game. It all came down to either poor execution of the defense or an inability to tackle the runner, and we've got to get better at those things."


Charlie Strong's Monday press conference:

In case you didn't have a chance to watch

This weekend there were a number of extremely impressive performances led by some great coaches.  Take a minute and check out this week's Game Changing Coaches.

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Monte compliments Chip Kelly, Canales explains style and new motto

Monte Kiffin compliments Chip Kelly, says it’s not the tempo, but their execution: "That guy is such a good coach. I respect him so much just from watching their tape. It's the discipline they have. The offensive line does a great job. The receivers do a great job of downfield blocking. They don't beat themselves very often."

"I mean, you're hanging in there, but then they just get you. You get a lot of guys up to stop the run and then, they play-fake. You can't get beat like that. Arizona State played them like that and they get four or five big plays. I don't think it's so much the tempo, it's really just that they execute so well."  


North Texas interim head coach Mike Canales talks about his style and new team motto, North Texas defeated WKU 33-6:  “The only way I know how to coach is to have high energy and show emotion. That is what I brought and I expected [the players] to play a certain way. If they were not going to meet our expectations, then we were going to leave them home.”

“Our motto is going to be that we are going to lock the gate and go to work. If it is at 2:40 or 2:50 or whatever time we are going to practice, that gate is going to be locked. There is a time to play and a time to work, and we are going to work. I am going to demand a lot and expect a lot.”


Ralph Friedgen pumped up about Terps’ special teams play: "One game [Clemson] we didn't play very well. In all the other games we've played, special teams has been a decided advantage for us."

"I'll bet you couldn't go to another college in the country and find as many wide receivers helping on special teams."


Ron Zook completely focused on Saturday’s game against Michigan, not rankings: "You'll see my last (ballot). I hope we're on that last one because that means we have continued to improve.”

"It doesn't matter who's ahead of us or behind us. It's what are we going to do right now? The only thing I want our guys thinking about is this next game. This is a critical game for us."

Mississippi State AD talks about Dan Mullen

Mississippi State athletic director Scott Stricklin says he isn’t surprised by the Bulldogs 7-2 record because of their head coach Dan Mullen. 

Stricklin talked this morning with Bo Bounds of 105.9 The Zone in Mississippi about the growing speculation that another program will attempt to lure Mullen out of Starkville in the next couple of months.

Stricklin said, “I don’t want to say we are surprised (by our recrod).  Dan is a winner.  Dan is so smart at taking what he has to work with and maximizing it.  We’re not the fastest or biggest, but we are a pretty good team.” 

“We’re like that guy in the US Open each year.  We hit it in the fairway, not very far.  We’re not very fancy, but we’re there in the end.”

“We’re not surprised that other people might be looking at Dan Mullen.  We’re going to be smart and aggressive with our coaching staff going forward. Dan and Megan love Starkville.  They were out in costumes last night trick or treating. He’s focused on how can I make Mississippi State as good as it can be.”

“We’re set up to be pretty good the next few years.  I joked with him the other day about putting a statue in his next contract.  We’ve never built a statue here (of a coach).  There’s a number of different places (where one coach built it and stayed).  You look at Frank Beamer, Oregon did it mainly with one guy, Boise has taken a consistent approach.  We want to put ourselves in that situation.”

“We have access to talent.  There’s a ton of potential here. The first time we talked with Dan in that hotel (interview), he didn’t talk about the problems.   He talked about the opportunity.”

Mississippi State is OPEN this weekend.  The Bulldogs will travel to Alabama in two weeks.