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Dabo's response to "too religious"
Arkansas has new uniforms

Jim Chaney and Doug Marrone break out the humor

Tennessee offensive coordinator Jim Chaney is set to enter Saturday’s game against Ole Miss with a true freshman under center for the Vols.

Derek Dooley said earlier in the week, “I still don’t know if he (Tyler Bray) knows what coverage the other team is playing.  It drives Coach Hinshaw crazy.”

After Wednesday’s practice, Chaney added, “My wife's a pharmacist. I'm heavily sedated right now."


At 6-3 in his second year at Syracuse, head coach Doug Marrone was asked if he was surprised to see that his team is a 3-point favorite at Rutgers this weekend.

Marrone went Caddyshack on reporters by saying, "Com'on, you guys shouldn't be looking at that either. I'm going to put up a sign for all the media that gambling is illegal.”

"Kind of like Caddyshack. No gambling allowed at Bushwood."

The Orange finish at Rutgers, before returning home to play UCONN and Boston College. 


At Minnesota, interim head coach Jeff Horton knows the Gophers are really struggling on offense heading into Saturday’s game against Illinois. 

"We’ve really got nothing to lose. We can try anything. If it works, it works, If it doesn’t, who cares?"

"We need to win for them [the players]. Who cares about me? I'm 53 years old. When you're in coaching, you got a lot of ups, you got a lot of downs. That's all part of it. Wade Phillips feels like crap today. He's won a lot of games, been in Super Bowls. That's the nature of the business."

Classic Spurrier, Shannon concerned, Kiffin pleased with offense

Spurrier’s response upon hearing that Stephen Garcia said Saturday’s game against Florida is the biggest in South Carolina history: "No, that's not true. Please don’t listen to Stephen when he talks."


Randy Shannon concerned again with Georgia Tech’s chop blocks: “It’s a major concern because chop blocks are part of what they do. It’s always the backside of it, not the front side. We are going to work on it in practice. I don’t know if the officials will see it. They probably will not see it, but its part of what we have to work on. We have to work on it and tell our guys that we can’t depend on officiating to help us. If the guy gets you, you have to get up off the ground and keep running. The difficult part of it is that you can lose somebody due to it, and you don’t want that to happen.”

UPDATE: Shannon has clarified his comments today. "Chop blocks to me are not illegal. It’s getting guys on the ground within the scheme. They do not high-low you. They just make sure they get you down on the backside. So sometimes you know when people hear the word ‘chop block,’ they’re thinking it’s something negative.”


Urban says he’s going after the best QB possible: "To say we're never going to recruit a drop-back quarterback again, that would be incorrect.''


Quoting Nick Saban: "It's a reality check. We're 2-2 in our last four games, and we're not last year's team."


Lane Kiffin pleased with offense, but wants Barkley too stay patient: "A year ago, we would have the No. 1-ranked offense in the Pac-10 in scoring."

“He (Barkley) gets so anxious to make plays all the time. He has great streaks where he goes 120 passes without an interception. (But) the most disappointing play against Arizona State was when he threw an interception in the end zone on first down. The same thing happened against Washington State. We blocked a punt and then on first down, he threw an interception."


West Virginia head coach Bill Stewart talks about Cincy: “Our defense has not seen an offense like this. They are going to give us fits.” 

Jimbo says FSU needs to add focus and killer instinct

A month ago, FSU thumped Miami (FL) 45-17.  Kirk Herbstreit said, “I don’t know if there’s a team in the country that’s playing as well as Florida State.”

Since then, Jimbo Fisher’s team is 1-2 including a sloppy win over Boston College.  The ‘Noles had chances to win in the fourth quarter against NC State and last week against UNC, but fell short in both games.

Yesterday, Fisher said his team lacks focus and a killer instinct. 

"It's focus … you have learn to focus … it's just a couple of issues and focus … we didn't focus … we've got to learn to focus the whole time … when you focus you have attention to detail."

"This team has to learn to develop a killer instinct," Fisher said. "It has to learn to take its own identity and not let people get off the ground when they get them down. And not hope to win, but understand how to win."

"And there's nobody on this football team that has [done that]."

FSU (6-3) returns to action on Saturday night against Clemson.

Jim Leavitt, Gary Patterson, Mike Leach talk about jobs

Jim Leavitt on if he will get another head coaching job: "That is the unknown. This is such foreign territory for me. I never have been in a situation like this in my life. ... Some people wonder why I don't just move on. Well, if I move on, that means I am admitting that I hit and choked this young man, which would be a lie.”

"My character ... I can't lie. That's why it's extraordinary that they said that I lied and tried to manipulate people. That couldn't be farther from the truth. My point in all of this is I don't know how it all will play out."


Gary Patterson says it’s that time of year again: "I think it's good for everybody if your name is out there, but I'm not the one putting it out there. I take it as a compliment that our name comes up. The reason why Gary Patterson's name comes up is because TCU has been successful. Hopefully that happens for a long, long time."

"There is a reason why your name is out there. It's because you have good players, good assistants, good structure in place that helps you win. Sometimes people take jobs and move and find out some of the things that made them successful aren't there anymore."


Mike Leach hopes past doesn't derail him from getting another job: "If it does, it's somebody who doesn't know the facts. I want a good situation. I don't want a place that just wants me to sign up. I want to go to a place that wants to win. I want one that values academics. I want one that believes in my body of work and has the presence of mind to realize that we wouldn't have had the success we did if I ever abused a student-athlete, so that obviously is false."


Washington State head coach Paul Wulff frustrated: “You watch us practice. You watch us do things. You’d never guess what our season is right now record-wise.”

“I like our attitude. I like the fight. I like the consistent go-to-work mentality. It’s the first time we’ve had that since we’ve been here.”

Jerry Kill: Games are won by players, not coaches. We've got good players.

Northern Illinois rushed for 422 yards and totaled 584 yards in the Huskies’ 65-30 win over Toledo on Tuesday night.  Both teams entered the game 5-0 in the MAC.

NIU head coach Jerry Kill said, "I didn't have to do a lot of motivating for this game.  With the websites, media, and all the things that go along with it, these kids all knew how important it was to win this game.  I was worried about us being too "up" for the game, that we'd come out and not execute, but that wasn't the case.  I told them to be excited about playing, but keep your head."

 "We had some big plays, we've got some speed, and the kids performed well.  They were in some one on one coverage and we were able to capitalize. Games are won by players, not coaches.  We've got some pretty good players, and they're playing well."

 "I think our kids are believing in each other.  When you get a little confidence, things seem to fall into place.  I think the kids are playing with confidence right now. We've got two more weeks.  You can't listen to all the things people say, you have to keep getting better.  We still can get better.  That's the good thing, we can get a lot better."

Northern Illinois has won 7 straight games and is now 8-2 on the season.  NIU finished at Ball State and at Eastern Michigan. 

Tubs shares sympathy for Dan Hawkins

The old saying in the coaching profession reads, “There are two kinds of coaches.  Those who have been fired and those who will be fired.”

After learning of Dan Hawkins’ dismissal at Colorado, Texas Tech head coach Tommy Tuberville shared his sympathy for Hawkins.

Tubs, who was dismissed after ten years as the Auburn head coach, said, “You hate to see that. Dan's a good football coach.”

"As a matter of fact the year that I got National Coach of the Year in 2004 he was one of the nominees for several of the awards that I won. But that's how things can change.''

Nebraska’s Bo Pelini doesn’t know if offensive coordinator Shawn Watson will be a candidate for the Colorado job, but Pelini thinks it’s only a matter of time for Watson.

On Tuesday, Pelini said, "He's had opportunities at some other jobs in the last couple years that he didn't feel were the right opportunities or right places. He didn't even give them any consideration."

“I know Shawn would make a good head coach. He's detailed. He's extremely knowledgeable. He has great people skills. He's a leader. He communicates well. He has all the right qualities."

O'Leary compares Godfrey to Joe Hamilton

UCF head coach George O’Leary knows true freshman quarterback Jeffery Godfrey is having as much an impact as any true freshman in the country. Godfrey is changing the UCF program and is only going to get better.

On the season, Godfrey is completing 65% of his passes with 6 TD / 4 INT.  He is adding 55 rushing yards per game with 6 touchdowns. 

O’Leary said, “It was funny. I went back and looked at stats with another kid I played as a redshirt freshman. They’re almost identically alike, him and Joe Hamilton when I had him at [Georgia] Tech. Almost the same yardage, less interceptions by Jeff, but almost the same exact deal as far as production and he’s only a true freshman.”

“What’s impressive about Jeff is he is a true freshman and the poise that he’s had. I think the offensive staff, [offensive coordinator] Charlie Taaffe has done a great job of not filling the plate too soon. I think he’s put a little bit on each weekend for each game and I think he’s retain a knowledge of what’s on the plate and I think that’s what’s helped him. And then we keep adding a little bit as he understands a little bit more about field and what’s happening out there.”

“I think the poise that he has and the one thing I think he’s really gotten better at is his pocket presence. I do think that he understands here. When he first got here, the first sign of trouble he was taking off like a jack rabbit outside all the time.”

UCF hosts Southern Miss this weekend.

Paul Johnson enters unchartered territory

Georgia Tech head coach Paul Johnson is in uncharted territory this week.  At 5-4 overall and 3-3 in the ACC, Georgia Tech is out of the ACC Coastal Division race. 

With quarterback Josh Nesbitt out with a forearm injury, the Yellow Jackets will host Miami (FL) at 12 pm EST on Saturday.  Tevin Washington will make his first career start at QB.

Paul Johnson isn’t sure what to expect from his team. 

Johnson said, “Well, you don't ever know -- you're dealing with young people. Part of my job as a coach is to point out what we have left to play for. If you're competitive and you want to play, you're going to play no matter what. That's why you're out there if you're a competitor, but this is new territory for them, and this is new territory for me as a head coach.”

“In 14 years as a head coach, this would only be the second time that we didn't win the conference or at least tie for the championship that we were playing for. At Navy, I'm talking about the Commander-in-Chief Trophy, which was the number-one goal of the team. We won the league all five times I was at Georgia Southern, and we either tied or won the thing in the two years I've been here. So it's new territory.”

“I'm not worried about me, because I'm competitive, but you have to point out to the guys that you're still trying to play for bowl eligibility, you're still playing for a winning season and you're playing for pride. It's like I told them yesterday: revenge is a great motivator for those who care. [Miami] spanked us pretty good last year. I haven't forgotten -- I hope they haven't forgotten.”