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Arkansas has new uniforms

Beer Truck

There really should be a FootballScoop beer truck.  Sponsors? 

If we had one, we'd drive it to the AFCA in January and pour beer all night long for these guys


At $41 million, Phil Knight and Oregon are officially not messing around

The University of Oregon has announced that construction on a new football-only operations facility will begin early next year.

A new release from the University of Oregon says the facility will be “unsurpassed in the country.”

The Register-Guard says, “The L-shaped, stand-alone, six-story structure, which will be ‘unsurpassed in the country’ will be entirely financed by donors Phil and Penny Knight. It will be constructed to the west and north of the Casanova Center, which has housed UO intercollegiate athletics offices for almost 20 years.”

The cost of the project is estimated at $41 million.

Here's the entire article on the new facility.

Pelini explains and apologizes, Mullen being Mullen, and more

Dan Mullen likes to talk: "Obviously since that game ('09 Egg Bowl) to now, we are the program that's on the rise. And we plan to keep it that way."

"There's probably not many people in Oxford, Mississippi that like me."


Bo Pelini apologizes, talks about sideline blow up: “I have total respect for Chancellor Perlman. We’re on the same page. The administration is behind me 100%. They know me and what I’m about. They made that known to me.”

“Everyone is entitled to their opinion. You hope that they look at what you’ve built up over time and know what you’re about. I bust my butt every day for this program. If I embarrassed anybody, I’m sorry. I didn’t do it intentionally.”

“My job isn’t to win football games, it’s to prepare our young men for the rest of their lives. That means accountability, discipline. I’m a very black and white, direct person. You don’t see our kids out there getting into trouble. They’re representing this program the right way.”

“Taylor and I have handled our issue. It was totally unrelated to the injury. I regret that it was on national TV. I usually do those things behind closed doors. I will say, the speculation that’s out there is totally off base. Taylor is fine. He’s frustrated with the injuries. We talked for 10 or 15 minutes after the game.He was excused from the team shakeout Sunday where players run around and work the kinks out. He couldn’t have run Sunday anyway.”


Iron Bowl Tickets: Only $394 each on StubHub if you need some.


Interesting quote from Steve Sarkisian: “From the first day I got here, so much was put on Jake Locker. This was Jake Locker’s team. Well, this is the Washington Huskies, and Jake Locker is a part of our team.”


Dantonio and Michigan State play for a championship on Saturday: "We played over at Penn State two years ago. It was our first time in that experience playing for a championship, and we didn't play very well. That experience should be invaluable over there."


Nevada coach Chris Ault on Boise State: "There’s nothing that I can say that the media hasn't said about how good this Boise team is."


Clemson defensive ends coach Chris Rumph on Da’Quan Bowers’ draft status: "It's hard to find too many degrees that pay $20 million 1st year out."


Rich Rod is an 18-point dog to Ohio State, but says he want to be 18-point favorite: "I want us to get to the point where we are 18-point favorites in every game."

Mack Brown: Our coaches were breaking down A&M at 2 am on Saturday night

Texas is 5-6 heading into Friday’s game against Texas A&M (8-3). 

During Monday's press conference, Mack Brown said, “Our coaches were around the office at 2 am on Saturday night breaking down A&M.” 

(Don't be that guy that's like, "Hey Mack, 2 am is actually Sunday morning.")

“We practiced yesterday, the day after a game, at a high tempo, which we’ve never done.  The guys are excited to play. This (today) will be Wednesday's practice.  These short weeks are very, very different when you look at preparation.”

“You can’t ever tell what’s going to happen on Saturday.  You see some teams play awful one week and awesome the next week.”

Texas enters with game ranked 116th in turnover margin.

Who would have ever thought the Longhorns would need to beat A&M to become bowl eligible?  Kick-off from Austin is set for 8 pm EST on ESPN.

Kiffin embarrassed: Looked like these kids had never been coached

After reviewing the film of the 36-7 loss at Oregon State, Lane Kiffin said, “That film looks like these kids had never been coached.”

USC gained just 255 yards and converted just 4 of 16 third-downs in Corvallis.  For the third consecutive time, the Trojans lost on the road to Oregon State.  The Beavers were allowing close to 400 yards per game coming into the game.

Kiffin said, "I just told them that I hope they feel like me. If you're in that meeting and you don't feel sick and weren't sick all day, then you shouldn't be here. Our standards are that high."

"That's embarrassing not only to the Trojan family but the players who were here before. I would have turned the TV off if I was watching."

"There were things, I don't even know where they came from — things we hadn't done in 10 games here. That film looks like these kids had never been coached."

USC (7-4) will try to rebound this week when the Trojans host Notre Dame.


The latest from Christensen, Fedora, Schiano, Friedgen, and Toledo

Wyoming head coach Dave Christensen says 44 – 0 win over Wyoming was “complete and total domination” : "I don't know if I could have written a better script on how I wanted this game to go. There was complete and total domination almost throughout the entire game by our team."

"It's a great feeling, and it's been a long time since I have had it. It's one of those days everything came together for us."


Larry Fedora really proud of his team for overcoming adversity with shootings to handle Houston 59-41: "It just shows what they have inside of them, what they have in their chest and what they are made of. Positive people do not necessarily mean that bad things are not going to happen to you, but positive people are not going to let the bad things hold them back. That is what this team is. They stayed positive when adversity happened in a game. It did right before the half and again, they just did not blink. They were in there at half time ready to go back out there. They fought, scratched and clawed to a victory."


Rutgers coach Greg Schiano talks after allowing 69 points to Cincinnati: "Everybody goes through tough stretches. Not everybody fights through it and comes out the other side better. We will come out the other end better than we were when we entered. It's not easy. It's tough, but I look at it often times as people have it a lot worse than me.”

"We just have to keep going, we have to keep fighting. We will and we'll come through this thing. I can't tell you how or when, but it will happen and when it does we'll be better for it."


Maryland head coach Ralph Friedgen wants Terps to defeat NC State: "If we win this game, I'll fight like hell to get them in a good bowl game. And we'll see how we stack up."


Tulane head coach Bob Toledo wants to win at Marshall to get to reach 5 win total for the first time: “I feel bad for our football team, I feel bad for the seniors having to lose their last game at home, but they're a great group of kids, they work extremely hard, they've done everything we've asked. Like I told them in the locker room just now "Let's enjoy this last week together, it's like a family. Let's go and beat Marshall, try and win 5 games." That's be the best record we'll have since we've been here.”

Interesting comments from Shannon, Riley, Ellis, and Jimbo

Kent State head coach Doug Martin releases a statement after resignation: "I want Kent State fans to know what a great group of assistant coaches we have here. The character of these men is unquestioned and the job that they've done is outstanding. I'd also like to thank the university for the opportunity to lead this team for the last seven years."


Randy Shannon points out he’s the only coach in the ACC to play FSU & VA Tech every year: “I’m a competitive guy and sometimes people have to calm me down, say `Look at these things here’ and it brings you back in perspective. We were 5-7 [my first year], the next year had a winning record. Some coaches haven’t had winning records in four years, five years and then start to get them going, still haven’t won championships.”

“I don’t compare myself to those coaches, but they give me a more realistic view of, `Do I want it to happen quick? Yes. Am I striving to have it quick? Yes. Am I trying to win a championship? Yes, quick.’ But our schedule has been the toughest the last four years of anyone in the country.”

“Every year I have to play [rival] Florida State and Virginia Tech. Nobody else in the ACC has to play those two schools. You realize that? Nobody ever thought about that.”


Mike Riley says “one day at a time” model helped beat USC: “It was very simple what we put in front of our coaches and our team. … we hadn’t played well for two weeks in a row, that was our biggest crime. We had to approach each day, get the most out of it, and then hope that carried over into the game.’’


Ellis Johnson talks about Clemson / South Carolina rivalry: “Thirty years ago, I bet 85 percent of the rosters came down to picking between Carolina and Clemson. Our players couldn’t relate to it because their players never really visited us and our players never really visited Clemson. You’d be surprised how few players on our roster and on their roster boil their decision down to Clemson and Carolina.”


Jimbo Fisher says winning is a culture: "Winning is a culture and it's a habit. And it's not only winning on the field, it's the way you walk, you talk, you eat, you breathe, you believe. And everybody in the organization, not just the players and the coaches, but everybody who affects those kids has to have that mentality. That's what we're starting to bring back."

Mullen and Nutt preparing for renewed rivalry, Harbaugh not impressed with...

Dan Mullen says rivalry with “The School Up North” hinders his relationship with Houston Nutt: “You look at his record and the career that he’s had and the amount of games he’s won in the Southeastern Conference — both at The School Up North and at Arkansas. I have a lot of respect for him and I think he’s an excellent football coach. I just think the nature of the schools that we’re at maybe hinders our personal relationship a little bit.”

“For us to continue to build, for our young players to develop, it’s not that they have to make 25 plays in a game, they have to make the one big play at the key moment in the game. That, for us, is what we need to take that next step to be right at the top in the SEC instead of the middle.”


Houston Nutt understands importance of Egg Bowl: "I have always had an awesome respect for playing Mississippi State, even when I was at Arkansas. I know how tough a game that is, even though we always had a really good record against them. The first year we were at Ole Miss, we played them here and did well.”

"The second year, we were going to a good bowl and were playing them in Starkville. That's when I got a real understanding of the rivalry - I know I did. That was my first time in Starkville with an Ole Miss shirt on and it opened my eyes."

"It's huge. It's the biggest game of the year. Robert Khayat tried to explain it to me when I first got here. After beating them the first year pretty easily, I really didn't understand it because that was the way we had won when I was at Arkansas.”

"Now, after last year, when Mississippi State had nowhere to go at the end of the year, but they came out against us and played as hard as anyone we played all year, it really woke me up. It's a huge game and I have a real appreciation for that now. Arkansas really didn't have an in-state rivalry game so MSU is my first taste of that. Believe me, I understand it now."


Jim Harbaugh not impressed with Cal’s trash talking: "The Cal guys did a lot of trash-talking before the game. Our guys really kept their cool, and I think that was a big difference today.  I don't like that kind of football where you talk and intimidate. It's not real. ... Shut up and play football." 


Pat Fitzgerald disappointed with Northwestern’s tackling in loss to Illinois: "I thought we tackled very poorly. That epidemic popped up a couple of weeks ago (at Penn State) and for some reason, and it did again today. We tried to put more guys than they had at the point of attack and obviously we did a terrible job collectively as a coaching staff."


Quoting Memphis head coach Larry Porter following 31-15 loss at UAB: ''Obviously I'm disappointed with the results. It's also obvious that we were our own worst enemy. I thought throughout the course of this game, if we could play a clean brand of football, eventually we could put ourselves in position to get a victory.''