A great coaching point

How many times have you seen the momentum of a game change after a foolish personal foul penalty?

At Monday's press conference Bielema was asked how he prepares his players to keep their composure during the heat of battle, referencing this weeks matchup with Michigan State, who had been flagged for 6 personal fouls last week.  

Bielema responded by saying that he gives his scout teams some added freedom to attempt to provoke the starters.  

"I give my offensive scout, or my defensive scout, team the liberty to kind of say whatever they want and push guys within reason. And I kind of explained this on Tuesday of last year and, apparently, John Moffitt didn't get the message. Actually, Marcus Trotter piped off, and Moffitt snapped and went after him, and was ready to beat the snot out of him, when it’s like, ‘Hey, hey. We told him to do this".

Bielema stressed that he wants to simulate the game day environment as much as possible, and the best way to do that is to rep it during practice.  He added that it's not what happens on game day, but how you react to it, and he wants to concentrate on doing their talking with their pads, between the whistles.

The Badgers travel to East Lansing on Saturday for an 8pm kickoff on ESPN.

6 of the top 7 offenses are from two states

While we were taking a look at the teams leading the nation in total offense, we noticed something interesting. 6 of the top 7 offenses are from either Texas or Oklahoma.

Texas schools in the top seven include Houston (#1 - 603 ypg), Baylor (#3 - 550 ypg), Texas Tech (#6 - 534 ypg), Texas A&M (#7 - 525 ypg)

Representing Oklahoma are Oklahoma State (#2 - 551 ypg) and Oklahoma (#4 - 547 ypg).

The only program from outside of those two states was Oregon (#5 - 539 ypg). 

Tuesday TV and yes we have Football

One game tonight. Better than nothing. 

All times are Eastern.




FIU at Arkansas State - 8:00 - ESPN2

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Dooley believes Bama may have best defense in modern era

Our staff just had the opportunity to take a look at Derek Dooley's press conference, and he's trying his best to seem upbeat going into this weeks game with Alabama and their top ranked defense. Tennessee is coming off a 38-7 loss to top ranked LSU and will face their second straight top 5 defense this weekend.

Dooley gave Alabama's defense a huge compliment, fast forward to the 3:35 mark to hear him talk about Saban and this years defense.

"Probably as physically dominant of a defense as I've seen in the modern era of football"

This year the defense is allowing 7 points per game, and have been dominant against both the run (1st nationally allowing 38 yards per game) as well as against the pass (5th nationally allowing 146 yards per game). The Tide's defense is allowing only 184 total yards of offense per game total. Dominant seems to be a logical statement.

What makes the those numbers even more impressive is that they have been on the field for 66 more snaps than Michigan State, who is the second ranked defense in the country.

Stanford's impressive offensive numbers

It's no secret that Andrew Luck is leading one of the top offenses in the country, #16 in total offense to be exact. 

Luck has had plenty of time to distribute the ball from the pocket, as Stanford's offensive line has only allowed 1 sack so far this season.  In comparison, Pittsburgh has allowed the most sacks in the country, allowing 34.

However, after taking a look at the numbers through Stanford's first six games, the role of the tight ends is the most impressive stat. The Cardinal tight ends have hauled in an impressive 59 catches for 980 yards and 15 touchdowns.

First year head coach David Shaw and Luck will need to continue the offensive production as they take on Washington Saturday (ESPN - 8p - EST).  

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