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Very unique HS helmets
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New OHSAA playoff division added

Starting in 2013, the landscape for the Ohio High School football playoffs will look a bit different.

Aaron Dorksen explains on the DailyRecord.com that a seventh division will be added, making room for the top 10% of schools in population and splitting the schools previously classified as Division one up. The new Division 1 classifications will include schools with a head count of over 660 boys, which upon the most recent count, would include 72 schools. The remaining schools previously classified as Division 1 will be divided evenly into the remaining divisions.

The aim is to level the playing field and prevent large Division 1 schools with 1,200 boys from matching up with smaller Division 1 schools of only 650 boys. Each division will end up with about 108 schools in each class vying for playoff spots.

In all, the new move will level the field and open up 32 new playoff spots across the state.

Missouri's new uniforms and helmets

Mizzou unveiled their new uniforms (and two new helmet options) today. Take a look below and let us know your thoughts. We really like the unis. As for the helmets, we like having a matte helmet option (and it's different and kind of cool); but losing the "M" for just the Tiger? A step back?

The uniforms are pretty darn cool. We like. 

Screen Shot_2012-04-14_at_2.44.34_PM

Screen Shot_2012-04-14_at_2.44.46_PM

Screen Shot_2012-04-14_at_2.44.14_PM

Screen Shot_2012-04-14_at_2.43.59_PM

Screen Shot_2012-04-14_at_2.43.38_PM

Screen Shot_2012-04-14_at_2.43.22_PM

Unparalleled Success

We saw an interesting article on Wisconsin-Whitewater athletics today and how they seem to be dominating the D-III landscape in most sports.

We all know the success that the football team has had (seven straight appearances in the National title game, and four national titles in the past five seasons, including the past three in a row), the men's basketball team just won the national title after coming back from an 18 point deficit in the title game, and last season the baseball team made it all the way to the D-III World Series.

A fascinating note that we saw in the article...head coach Lance Leipold has won more National titles (four) than he has total losses as the head coach (three). Leipold is 72-3 as the head coach and is carrying a historic 45 game winning streak into next season (the longest winning streak in all of college football).

Over the last few months we heard Leipold's name in the wind for some jobs. It will be interesting to see how Whitewater tries to entice him to stay with the program long-term. 

No NCAA team has ever won National titles in football, basketball, and baseball in the academic year. Whitewater is two thirds of the way there.

The article is a truly interesting read. You can read the whole thing here

Mike Leach operating the crane

Anytime we get video of Leach operating heavy equipment, it's going on the site. Deal with it.

Short video below from WSU in which Leach, AD Bill Moos and several others sign their names on "the last beam" just before it was set in place (thankfully Leach wasn't actually operating the crane when placing it). Good view of the overall progress on the project as well. Anyone else think the guy waiving the flag on top of that final beam up in the wind is insane? 

We didn't get to make it to Pullman on our recent Pac-12 tour as the staff was on Spring Break; but there will be a trip up there soon enough, and yes we will come back with video of Leach operating something...don't know if it will be heavy equipment or not; but we're quite certain you will want to see it. Stay tuned.

TCU's new uniforms

TCU unveiled their new uniforms today, and the changes have a lot of black added.

The new number font and color schemes are very unique and futuristic. 



A viewer sent us a note about possible new helmets as well. We found this image; although we have not seen anything from TCU about using this version.

Screen Shot_2012-04-13_at_3.52.53_PM

We're not gonna have any finesse DB's

New Aggie defensive coordinator Mark Snyder got mic'd up as he led his defensive backs through some individual work, and the Oklahoma drill yesterday.

Snyder said that he is more impressed with the toughness this secondary than any group that he has ever been around. That's impressive considering the Aggies have gotten through just their sixth spring practice.

"It's amazing, some of the programs that I have been in, DB's think they're cool and they backpedal and all they do is cover. Well we'll have no finesse DB's" Snyder said after practice.

Mic'd up in Corvallis (Coach Cav)

Offensive line coach Mike Cavanaugh got mic'd up for spring practice in Corvallis yesterday and the results are worth taking a look at.

Coach Cav, who is in his eighth year at Oregon State, has got a thin group to work with in this spring and he says his guys are getting a ton of reps and he's been able to slow things down as well and work in some extra "teach periods" during practice.


Spring highlights at Indiana

Indiana has done a good job all offseason highlighting their off season workout efforts and spring practices, and with their spring game on Saturday they were able to put together a nice highlight of the team getting after it on the practice field.

Well done video starting with the nice serene Bloomington community in the spring, before cutting to the guys putting in work on the field.