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Big 12 nearing a multi-billion dollar TV deal

During a recent stop at Kansas during a tour of conference schools, Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby talked about a multi-year, $2.6 billion TV deal for the league that should be finalized soon.

According to CBSSports.com, the deal is expected to cover 13 years and an arrangement will be made with FOX and ABC / ESPN to share the cable rights. Bowlsby noted that, hopefully, the contract should be finalized by next Saturday.

"There are some elements that need to be worked out, some of it by the end of today, but we're not working under any sort of deadline. We're moving forward as if we have an agreement, and we do have an agreement on almost all elements of it."

"The exposure for our football programs, for men's and women's basketball and our Olympic sports, will be unprecedented. We'll be much more widely distributed." he explained.

Bowlsby also noted that significant progress has been made on a TV deal and host location for the Champions Bowl, and an announcement should be made within the next few weeks.

USC now listing Twitter handles on players bio's

In an interesting move, the University of Southern California is now listing players Twitter handles on their official online roster.

Here is a link to Robert Woods' bio page as an example.

Screen Shot_2012-08-24_at_8.13.02_AM

Screen Shot_2012-08-24_at_8.13.20_AM

The move is surely going to play well with recruits. Good move, we like it.

How to develop your third string and redshirts

During the season, it can get tough to get your redshirt players and third stringers quality reps running your scheme. 

Dave Clawson and his staff at Bowling Green have devised a plan to address that.

Occasionally after practice (every third practice to be exact), Clawson and the staff will keep the third string and redshirt guys after practice and go through separate indy, skelly, pass rush, and team sessions with them.

"I just told our three's and redshirts that our priority, right now, is to win in 2012. But we never lose fact of the sight that we want to develop the players in the program so that we're good in '13, '14 and '15."

"The payoff for doing this may not show up until 2015, but that's okay." Clawson added.

Mullen talks about the hiring of Tim Brewster

Two words could sum up the past 96 hours for Dan Mullen, "a blur."

Between practice, meetings, film sessions, player evaluations, and game preparation, Mullen also hired Tim Brewster to coach the receivers.

"We're extremely, extremely fortunate to be in the situation that we're in and have a coach the quality of Tim Brewster. You know, wanting to come be a part of it, wanting to step in and be a part and wanting to step in and help in this very difficult situation that we're in."

Mullen said that while previous head coaching experience isn't something that they were necessarily looking for in the process, it's always an asset to the program. 

"Anytime you can get someone that has been a head coach, that understands what it's like to sit in the chair that you're in at times as situations come up is always a great asset to your staff."

Plenty more from Mullen below.

Friday TV

One NFL game, and a few high school games to enjoy tonight, including Good Counsel (MD) traveling across the country to take on Bishop Gorman (NV).

Times listed are Eastern.


Philadelphia at Cleveland - 7:30

Atlanta at Miami - 7:30

New England at Tampa Bay - 7:30

San Diego at Minnesota - 8

Chicago at New York Giants - 8 - CBS

Seattle at Kansas City - 8


No games

High School:

Joliet (IL) at Providence Catholic (IL) - 8 - ESPNU

Good Counsel (MD) at Bishop Gorman (NV) - 9 - ESPN2

Video: "Nobody has any conflicts at 6am"

Stanford has rolled out a well done series entitled "How We Do It" that covers everything from morning practices to the players lives inside the walls of a classroom.

On the field, sports performance coordinator Shannon Turley explains the reason for 6am workouts in the off season saying, "What we're trying to do is inconvenience the guys by getting them up early and giving them some adverse circumstances and seeing who can still have the enthusiasm and energy and focus despite that."

"Your going to have to compete and your going to have to beat somebody, and earn that spot and take that job from someone else."

As one player put it, "Nobody has any conflicts at 6am." No excuses.

This clip is a great example of why being a student athlete at Stanford is a truly a unique experience.

Fitzgerald: "You get what you deserve"

While struggling defensively last season, ultimately finishing towards the bottom of the league in most major defensive categories, Pat Fitzgerald decided to post some newspaper clippings and online articles around the facility to motivate the team.

The Wildcats racked up a mere 17 sacks (ranking 95th nationally), and finished 10th in the Big Ten in scoring and rushing defense, 12th in passing defense and 11th in overall defense. Coach Fitz says that the Wildcat defense took the poor performance in 2011 to heart.

‘‘For the first time, I used some outside stuff,’’ Fitz told the media a few days ago about motivating the team. ‘‘Thanks to you guys for the motivation, and I don’t blame you. You get what you deserve. We deserved everything that was said about the guys. They took it personally.’’

Defensive coordinator Mike Hankwitz says that the defensive staff is getting creative in finding ways to bring pressure in 2012.

‘‘It has to come from everybody. You can’t just say one guy is going to provide the pressure."

"We’re going to do different things as coaches. We’re going to work harder on it. We’re going to try to get different people in different positions. It’s going to be a solution by team; it’s not a solution by one guy or one thing. It’s going to be multiple things we’re going to do to create more pressure.’’


Andy Buh: Camp isn't a grind to us

Going through a few weeks of practice can seem like a grind to some position groups, but as Wisconsin linebackers coach Andy Buh explains in week two's episode of "The Camp 2012" it's not a grind to his guys.

"It's not a grind to us. We're linebackers...this is our playground." Buh explains midway through the clip.

The beginning of the clip shows Bielema doing, what he describes, as one of his favorite parts of the job, awarding walk ons with scholarships. Good stuff from beginning to end in this episode.