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Mack Brown talks about 2010 struggles

Mack Brown, disappointed with the 30-22 loss to Baylor, emphasized during his press conference today that turnover margin and red zone touchdowns are the stats that matter to this Texas team.

Brown said, “People got to understand I’ve been 2-20 at one point, so I’ve been here.”

Criticizing coaches, pulling players, and finger pointing won’t do anything, said Brown.

“They (fans) want you to make them feel better, but none of those things help you win.  There is absolutely no finger pointing.  We have to make plays in the kicking game, which we haven’t done.”

Brown pointed out that last season’s team had 26 takeaways at this point in the season, but this year’s team only has 11 takeaways.  The penalties are the exact same (59).  The third-down conversions are down 3% from 44 to 41%.  The problem is last year’s team scored touchdowns 63% of the time inside the red zone.  This year’s team is scoring touchdowns just 42% of the time inside the red zone.  Last year’s defense allowed touchdowns 53% of the time inside the red zone.  This year, opponents have scored TD’s on 14 of 22 opportunities.

“The offense moved the ball probably the best all year.  Goes to show you turnover ratio and red zone touchdowns are what’s important. Garrett Gilbert had his best game.  We had 5 dropped passes and 2 of them for touchdowns.  We have to get better and catching the ball.”

“We have to make more plays in the red zone.  We feel like we’ve got to be more wide open and make plays in the red zone.”

“Robert Griffin is really good.  Their receivers are really good. And their punter was GREAT.” 

“We stopped the run, but for one big play.  You take out the 69 yard run, they run for 2.9 per rush.  But you can’t take out the 69 yard run.”

“We did a very poor job on kick-off returns.  We have not been very good there all year.”

“Punt block & return has been a struggle to say the least.”

“There were 5 balls on the ground that we didn’t get.”

Texas is 4-4 and travels to Kansas State this weekend.

Lane Kiffin takes blame, Neuheisel passes on post-game question

Lane Kiffin upset with his own performance following 53-32 loss to Oregon:  “We were terrible on offense. I wasn't very good myself. I didn't get us in a rhythm. Matt didn't play very well. (But) I didn't help him very much.

“They blitzed over 80 percent of the time. I should have helped him with easier completions. I felt we had to press and be aggressive because of who we were playing against so we didn't have a lot of 4- and 5-yard completions.”


Trailing 26-21, Rick Neuheisel decided to go-for-it on 4th & 11 from the UCLA 19 yard-line with 2:23 remaining and three timeouts: "That's all speculation, and since I don't have to, I don't have to answer the question. I make decisions based on the facts at hand. I felt like it was the best choice."


TCU head coach Gary Patterson doesn’t care about polls: "What difference does it make if we're third or fourth? It makes no difference. It doesn't mean anything to me. We have to beat Utah, period."

(College Gameday is going to Salt Lake) "They know all that stuff. Athletes aren't like that. That's for fans. All they care about is the next opponent."

Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly wants Irish to improve as a program down the stretch without numerous players due to injury: "There's so much more to it than just winning the game. We can still be moving forward and being closer and closer to where we want to get to, even without those (injured) players. … We can continue to make progress even though it's not how progress is defined."

(Kelly was criticized for a play-call late in the game) "Over my career I have not second-guessed my play-calling. You always look at the execution of a play, and whether the players are in position to execute it."


Hawaii offensive coordiantor Nick Rolovich disappointed despite 45-10 win over Idaho: "It was a little sloppy. We dropped some balls. We missed some protection. We missed some throws. We're going to need to clean that up going into next week's game. But the kids played well enough to win. They made some plays. And Mo had a great game. You don't expect him to go (1-for-7) to start the game, but I thought he made some big throws down the stretch. After the first (two) series, he was pretty lights out, I thought."


Dan Mullen is happy about 24-17 win over Kentucky, but knows Mississippi State passing game has to come along:  "No matter how many things we have to improve on, which (is) an awful lot, it always leaves a big smile on your face. And we'll enjoy it, I promise you that."

"What we have to do is clean up our pass game. I don't want to change the 214 yards a game running. I just want it to be over 200 passing as well."

Friedgen, Cutcliffe, Sherman, Berry, and O'Leary talk about wins

Ralph Friedgen happy to see Maryland’s perseverance during 62-14 win over Wake Forest: "Well I thought we played a complete game tonight. I asked the kids last night to make a statement and I think they did. It's a great bunch of kids we work with. To see them so excited and so happy on the sidelines, and just thinking of where we were last year, to me it's a lesson in perseverance. We were just hanging in there, never giving up, just keep working and that's what I think our team has done. Now we're bowl eligible and these next four weeks will probably be the most important four weeks of our players' lives.”

"I always expected this, I really have. I knew the type of kids we have. I saw how we were losing games last year. If you look at our team [last season], early on we lost games because we were turning the ball over ... so that is a reflection on myself and coaching. I wanted to get that corrected. That's corrected.”


Following 34-31 win over Navy, David Cutcliffe call his team “the most resilient group of young men I’ve ever been around” : I think for the first time all three phases did what they had to do. We got a little bit on our heels defensively late, but what a performance we gave in the first half. Kicking game held up extremely well and certainly offensively, we played the way we are capable of playing.

"This is the most resilient group of young men I've ever been around. I complimented Navy and I think it is the same way here at Duke. That is how you grow into a program. We won what we had to win in the fourth quarter to win the football game. When you are 1-6 and things start going away from you, it is very difficult to grasp hold of the momentum again. We had people step up and it was huge."


Texas A&M head coach Mike Sherman pumped about team effort and offensive line play during 45-27 win over Texas Tech: I asked the guys all week long and in this ballgame in particular to raise it up a notch and play with fanatical effort, and show our fans what we're capable of.

"On the offensive line we have two freshman tackles. I thought the offensive line did a great job today. They really gelled together. (OL Coach Jim) Turner talked to me last night and he said he thought this would be the game they really came together. I think the whole group really gelled.”


ULM head coach Todd Berry happy to see his team “respond” with 28-14 win over Troy: “We challenged them this last week, we scrimmaged them on Sunday and other kinds of things. This group continues to respond. I’ve said this before, there is a difference in responding and reacting -- responding is when you know that things are going to happen and you are prepared to handle what happens good or bad.  I thought we did a great job of that today.”


George O’Leary relieved following 49-35 win over East Carolina: "Good team win, give them credit, they (ECU) made a bunch of plays and we made a bunch of mistakes, but the kids hung in there. Offensively, we moved the ball and the chains and moved it very efficiently on the ground and in the air. Good team win, we will enjoy this win tonight and get ready for Houston tomorrow night. Each game a different group has their day, offense, defense or special teams."


Muschamp snaps, London and Graham talk about huge wins

Will Muschamp’s booming comeback ends post-game interviews following 30-22 loss to Texas: "Well I can honestly tell you they don't feel good, OK?"

Mushcamp blasted in a tone that one might think he'd yell at his players in. Then the reporter tried to interject and say he knows they don't feel good, but then Muschamp fired back again.

"I'm just trying to tell you they don't feel good. These guys are working their butts off, do you understand that? All right then, let's understand that."


Mack Brown praises Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin: "It all goes to Robert Griffin. He made play after play after play.”


Quoting Baylor coach Art Briles: "Our players are about as resilient a bunch as I've ever been around.”


USC announces it will break ground in January on a $70 million football complex:  The new complex will take 18 months to complete.  You can see the drawings right here.


Lane Kiffin says conditioning was important before playing Oregon: "I think our two weeks of conditioning paid off. It sounds weird because we got blown out ... I've really seen a difference in two weeks, so I can only imagine the effect [conditioning] has had for Oregon in two years."


Mike London talks about his team’s resilency have defeating Miami (FL) 24-19: “I have to talk about this team being resilient regardless of what people say. In that locker room right there is a group of proud football players and coaches. We always knew there was something about this team, that we can be a good enough team to compete with people.”


Tulsa head coach Todd Graham talks about 28-27 win at Notre Dame: "These kids will be talking about this game when Coach Graham is dead and gone. Fifty years from now, they'll be saying 'I just didn't go to Notre Dame. I went there and won.' "

"To win in a big game, you have to play defense. We played defense today. Our kids just wouldn't be denied today. They played with unbelievable heart and unbelievable character."


Rock bottom says Sark, Dabo challenges team, McMackin accepts bowl bid

Steve Sarkisian says Washington has hit rock bottom following 41-0 loss to Stanford: “You’ve got to hit rock bottom before you get back up. We hit rock bottom tonight. I feel for our fans. They deserve better than that.”


Gene Chizik talks about the importance of a consistent approach following 51-31 win at Ole Miss: "Our team is focused and ready to move onto the next game. Other than that, I don't think we are trying to make any statements anywhere. We have to find a way to get better every week. We have another challenge coming up every week. We will enjoy this one tonight, and then we'll move on."


Auburn has launched Cam2Newton.com :  Check it out. 


Dabo Swinney upset following 16-10 loss at Boston College: “Offensively, we could absolutely not do anything,. 'We had some missed opportunities. We entered as a pretty good red zone team, I think we were 19 of 24 and today we were 0 for 3.”


Quoting Clemson running back Dante Ellington: “Coach (Swinney) said if you don't want to be here and be a part of this team then don't show up Monday. Hopefully we'll have all the guys back, wrap our arms around each other, and not let this break us apart.”


Hawaii head coach Greg McMackin accepts bid to Hawaii Bowl following 45-10 win over Idaho: “One of our goals each year is to make a bowl game and we’ve accomplished that. Another of our goals is to win the WAC and we have put ourselves in position with the final month of the season left to try to make that happen.”


UNLV head coach Bobby Hauck says TCU can play with anybody: "They hung it on Baylor. That’s a fairly good indicator, because Texas, regardless of their (4-4) record, is a gifted group. TCU, I would think, can play with anybody."



Another $3 million for Texas, Spurrier & Gundy concerned about special teams

Longhorn Network will generate $3 million in annual revenue for Texas: AD DeLoss Dodds has said that Texas can expect about $3 million in annual revenue from the new network once it’s launched, and the revenue would increase based on the network’s success. The Longhorns are not expected to carry any risk if the network were to fail.


Memphis cornerbacks coach Shannon Morrison breaks bone in lower right leg cleaning gutters during off-week: Larry Porter jokes, "I need to start checking these coaches and see how athletic they are, put them through some drills, before we hire them.”


Spurrier wants to see some big plays on special teams: "I'm going to try to help out that punt return team a little bit. I think we had minus yards on punt returns (against Vanderbilt). That's pretty sad, minus yards on punt returns. We can't catch it and run forward a couple yards. We fair catch it or run backwards. That doesn't make sense."

"We haven't had a big play all year. We have to see if we can make something happen there. We just have not made anything big happen. We just haven't had any big returns or blocked punts or anything like that. Just making a big play or something in special teams would be helpful."


Mike Gundy concerned about his special teams after rough performance against Nebraska: “Joe DeForest and I started on that (Monday) morning at 6:15. I don’t think there’s any question that we’re all aware of what’s going on. The coaches are aware as well as anyone who watches the game.”

“We will make some adjustments from where we’re at now in order to try and help our coverage on Saturday. I have confidence in Coach DeForest. We grade effort very seriously. A large percentage of the time effort was not a factor.”

“We feel like we have a good plan. We had chances to make those plays (this season) and we didn’t. I certainly understand that we have a number of young guys on those units. We’re trying to make the best decision for our football team. At times it’s not the easiest thing to do to take a starter off defense, a guy who potentially plays between 70-80 plays a game and have him run down on kick off. I’m not saying we couldn’t do that, but we’re trying to make the best decisions.”


At the 1:34 mark, you will see a devastating and scary helmet-to-helmet hit on kick-off coverage:


O'Brien: Most significant game since I've been here, latest from Fitz and others

NC State head coach Tom O’Brien calls FSU game the biggest of his tenure: "I think without question this is the most significant game since I've been here. Generally, at this point, we're so far behind the curve because of the situations we've faced for these last two years. These kids have done a great job putting themselves in this situation at 5-2.


Don’t expect Kyle Whittingham’s team at Utah to overlook Air Force: "There will be no chance of us overlooking this game."  


Pat Fitzgerald, who prefers to redshirt his freshman class, has played 5 true freshmen this year: "It's deeper than whether or not he can help us in the kicking game or whether or not we sell kids a bag of goods in recruiting and say you're going to play as a freshman. It's their future."

“Sometimes we're wrong. Sometimes maybe we look back and say, 'Gosh, I wish I would have played him or I wish I would have put them in.' But I'd rather err on the side of being a year late than a day early."


Ruffin McNeill says stats can kill the confidence of a defense, winning is what matters: “With offenses today, I had to learn this in the Big 12, you can’t really get caught up in the stats too much with the league we play in. You’d lose a lot of confidence if you did. Everybody is able to move the ball.”


UCF defensive coordinator Dave Huxtable says tackling is the key to success against East Carolina: “There’s no question about it. We stress every day that tackling is the most important fundamental. And particularly when you’re going up against a team like East Carolina, as I’ve already mentioned good skilled players, they’re going to get some catches. What we have to do is make sure we tackle them at the catch and not let them get the yards after the catch. We’re working hard on tackling on every drill and on every rep. Our guys understand how important tackling is in a game like this.”


Hawaii coach Greg McMackin say 6-2 start helps everyone in Hawaii: "We've tried to give the people of Hawaii something to be proud of. When Mufi [Hannemann] was mayor, he told me that every time we win, the negative calls are cut down. Nobody is complaining about potholes. That's something we talked about as a team: Putting a smile on the faces of our fans. We want to give them something positive in these tough times."

Pitt defensive coordinator Phil Bennett calls out his middle linebacker: "We've got to get better play out of our middle linebacker," Bennett said. "We've got to play better there. We've got to get more plays made at that position."

Mike Canales says North Texas is a gold mine ready to take off: “Do you see that beautiful stadium being built right there? I’d sure like to be a part of that, because this place is going nowhere but up. This is a gold mine that’s ready to take off.”

Lane reacts to Chip Kelly's comments, more from Monte, Chow, and Harbaugh

Lane Kiffin reacts to Chip Kelly's comments that compared the number of 4 and 5-star recruits between USC and Oregon: "I really wish that I had good enough players and we were good enough coaches that we could spend enough time counting how many 4 and 5-star players we have on each other's roster.  I don't time for that, unfortunately."


In case you missed Chip Kelly's quote from yesterday: “We have zero five-star recruits in our top 44 and we have 11 four-star recruits.”

“I keep hearing that USC’s down. In their two-deep, out of their 44 players they have 12 five-star recruits and 26 four-star recruits. I don’t know if there’s anybody in the country that has that.”


SEC GUY: Please listen to SEC GUY who calls in to Oregon sports radio yesterday.  This is classic.  Listen here.

Here's part of SEC GUY'S rant:  "LaMichael James, that gets me to my point.  Can you guys just stick to Biblical names? I’m tired of the Michael, LaMichael, Jaquizz, and I’m tired of all this.  You know what we have in Bama? Trent and Mark.  #1 and #2.  That’s it.  Both of ‘em could win a Heisman Trophy if they was just single running backs like ya LaMichael has playing against little kids like you got in that conference, we’d do the same thing.  It just burns my hide to hear you guys talk about this, that, and the other scuzzle butt about being better than my squad or my conference.  I don’t even like Auburn and I’ll tell you right now they’d beat you (Oregon) by three touchdowns."


Monte Kiffin talks about the challenge of playing well against Oregon: “It’s not easy. I could use a couple more bye weeks. That would surely help. We have to really coach our players up and make sure they understand. And there are two things you’ve got to understand — the scheme you’re going against and also the players you’re going against.

“There are some pretty good players there now, believe me. You can have a good scheme, but it works better when you have good players. You put the combination together, good coaching and good players, and that’s kind of what you’re seeing right now.”


Norm Chow describes the UCLA offense: "Awful, we're at the bottom of the league. I told the kids today that we were averaging 2.7 turnovers a game. We can't do that. A good football team doesn't have a minus on the ledger. But that's not all on the fumbles or the interceptions, there's the pass protection, there's a lot of things involved. We need to get better."


Washington defensive coordinator Nick Holt preparing for physical Stanford offense: “They are a lot more physical than they used to be. (Stanford) is a committed running team and committed to using their tight ends and things like that. You know it’s a lot of runs and a lot of physical runs.”


Jim Harbaugh looks forward to Saturday’s game at Washington: