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Here at FootballScoop Headquarters, 99% of the time we leave out our opinions.  We’d rather just present the information as we know it and allow you to form your own opinions.

Coaches are already under too much scrutiny.  We try as often as possible to highlight as many  positive things that coaches are doing within their programs.

In this case, we’d like to give serious props to LSU athletic director Joe Alleva, who yesterday stated, “Anything to do with the coaching staff, that’s entirely Les’ call. Those things are Les’ decision. I would never mandate to a coach who his assistants should or shouldn’t be.”

That’s an AD who "gets it." 

The best way to achieve success is for head coaches and athletic directors to be on the same page.  During your next interview, ask questions.  Make sure your goals and process are aligned.

Some AD’s (that we know of) echo Alleva’s words publicly, but they don’t stand behind their words behind closed doors.  Those AD's can (will finish later, gotta go, Scoop phone is blowing up).

Michigan AD: Speculation fueling curiosity - it doesn't change my approach

Michigan athletic director Dave Brandon will wait until after the Wolverines’ bowl game to make a decision on head coach Rich Rodriguez.

We were glad to see Brandon confess that, “all this speculation fueling curiosity – it doesn’t change how I’m doing my job.” That's good leadership!

On Monday, Brandon said, "I have so consistently stated what my process is, how I do this, and what is in the best interest of the program. All of this desire for information sooner, all this speculation fueling curiosity — it doesn't change how I'm doing my job.”

"Back when we were 5-0, I said (this would be the evaluation process). Along the way I've said it. After exciting wins I've said it. This is how I'm going to do my job. I have not equivocated on that at all. Just because people out there are stirring the pot, that's not going to deter what I'm going to do."

What about recruiting?

"Recruiting is a 12-month-a-year process. There will always be recruiting going on in one fashion or the other. It's a dynamic process. There's no good time, bad time, better time as it relates to how you manage the situation."

"The team has the opportunity to practice 15 days and prepare for a bowl game, which they've earned the right to. They've got a game to play. They need to get ready and go play. That's what I want them to do. I understand there's an enormous distraction, and a lot of people are enjoying stirring the pot. (But) they need to prepare for the game."

For the record, we hope Rich Rod keeps his job.  For that matter, we hope all coaches keep their jobs. 

4 finalists for Defensive Coordinator of the Year

The finalists for the 2010 FootballScoop Defensive Coordinator of the Year award were released this morning.

See the four finalists, right here.

The FootballScoop Coaches of the Year awards presented by SpeedTracs are the only set of awards that recognize the most outstanding position coaches in college football.  Finalists are nominated by coaches, athletic directors, and athletic department personnel.   Although fan voting is tallied, the eventual winner is most heavily determined by his peers in the profession and a select committee of coaches.

Previous winners of the Defensive Coordinator of the Year award were presented to Nick Holt (USC, 2008) and Kirby Smart (Alabama, 2009). 

ULL athletic director and Sun Belt coaches compliment Rickey Bustle

On Monday, UL-Lafayette athletic director David Walker he wished this day had never come, the day he had to replace head coach Rickey Bustle. 

Walker stated, "I want to be honest with you. This will be a very difficult task in replacing coach Rickey Bustle. It will be very hard to find someone that has the character, the integrity, the dedication and the loyalty of coach Bustle. That is the task that we now face."

Bustle said, "In my dreams I could never imagine a football program could have been so down in 2001. This is not the case today thanks to some hard working coaches and classy young men that joined the program. There is care, respect and pride back in the program and the cupboard is not bare.”

Bustle added, "I gave nine years of my life and my son to this program. Everyone wanted more, but we could only get to the six win mark. I will continue to support Ragin' Cajun athletics in any way I can and wish the new football staff the best. Hopefully fans will get their trip to the new Orleans bowl."

MTSU head coach Rick Stockstill stood up for Bustle "My personal feelings are that you hate to see anybody get fired in this profession, especially when it happens to a friend. Rickey is a great, great person and a fine man, and he'll land on his feet."

Troy head coach Larry Blakely explained, "It really hurts me to see that happen. We're playing in a league where everybody wants to be bowl eligible and go to bowls, but nobody (in the administration) wants to give up the three or four guarantee games. We're not like the SEC or other leagues that get eight home games or play I-AA teams all the time."

Bustle finished 41-65 in nine seasons at ULL. 

Mark Richt wants in-state "Dream Team" to become Bulldogs

Mark Richt was definitely looking forward to his radio show on Monday night. 

Coming off a 42-34 win against Georgia Tech, Richt made it clear he loves Georgia, will remain at Georgia, and wants his in-state “Dream Team” to join him.

Richt stated, “I’m definitely going to do more than hang with Georgia. Georgia is going to thrive, and Georgia is going to have a tremendous future ahead of us. And I’m excited to be here.”

“When you talk about in-state kids, that’s why I’ve been talking about this Georgia ‘Dream Team’, this team of guys that I think are the best players in the state of Georgia. And I believe if they will stay in the state and come together, we can prove to the United States of America that we have the best football in the country [in] the state of Georgia. We need those Georgia kids to stay at home and do that thing for the Bulldogs, and I think everybody is going to get excited about that.”

Georgia will likely play UCF in the Liberty Bowl. 

The Beer Truck

Each Tuesday during the season, we recognize several coaching staffs that we feel did outstanding jobs that week.  Over the past few weeks, we've been saying that somebody needs to buy the winning coaches a beer (we've even lobbied for some wonderful sponsor to provide FootballScoop with an actual beer truck and we promise to bring it fully loaded to the AFCA).  Even if we only get to use it for a few days, it would be cool and very well received and appreciated (note the continuing hints to all sponsors reading this). 

So, our friends at the moving company, Family Relo decided to do a class act.  They called up and said that one of their trucks was going to deliver us a couple of cases, "the least we can do" they said.  We were incredibly appreciative. 

Only problem is, the Family Relo truck showed up early and our crack research staff took a liking to the frosty beverages.  A moving company showing up early and with frosty beverages in hand (every man's dream)...amazing!

Game Changing Coaches for this week will be delayed by one day (while our guys shake the cobwebs out).  Look for the Week 13 installment Wednesday morning!

The guys at Family Relo prove time and again that they are the best moving company on the planet. 


Dan Mullen locker room speech: We're never losing to this team again

One of the reasons the people in Starkville, Mississippi enjoy head coach Dan Mullen is because Mississippi State is now 2-0 under Mullen against in-state rival Ole Miss. 

Mullen, who has refused to say “Ole Miss” since arriving in Starkville, refers to the Rebels as “The School Up North.”

After defeating the Rebels in Oxford by the score  of 31-23, Mullen announced to his team in his locker room speech, “We’re never losing to this team again.”

After winning just 5 games in 2009, Mississippi State finished 8-4 this season.

Here is Dan Mullen’s locker room speech:

Neuheisel: I'm going to work as hard as ever in my life

UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel is a good football coach, but things have fallen into place just yet for the optimistic Neuheisel. 

On Saturday, UCLA will host USC, but the Bruins (4-7) are no longer in contention for a bowl game.

When asked if a bowl game is essential in 2011, Neuheisel responded, “We certainly want to be in post-season on a regular basis. I understand you’re trying that get me to say something that you can hold me to it.”

Neuheisel added, “My job is to do the very best we can with what we have and go out and contribute to build what we have as best I can through recruiting and I’m going to work as hard as I’ve ever worked in my life as I have since I’ve been back at UCLA to get the best and brightest players and so forth. Do we want to be post-season next year, absolutely, absolutely.”

Unfortunate injuries at quarterback and other key positions have riddled the Bruins over the past few years.  This year, UCLA ranks 112th in turnover margin and 101st in total offense.

Let’s hope Neuheisel puts it together next season.