Butch Davis releases statement, but will not be doing interviews

Butch Davis address his dismissal as the UNC head coach this evening.

Davis said, "I was honestly shocked to receive word that I will no longer be the head football coach at the University of North Carolina. I can honestly say that I leave with full confidence that I have done nothing wrong. I was the head coach and I realize the responsibility that comes with that role."

"But I was not personally involved in, nor aware of, any actions that prompted the NCAA investigation. I thank my family for enduring this tough situation. I thank the fans and broader university community who have embraced us and endured these difficult circumstances with poise and grace. To the players, I wish them only the best on the field and academically. The coaches and their families know how much I appreciate their work and dedication. It's a sad day, but I'm certain better times will follow."

Davis also released a statement:

"My family and I were surprised and saddened to learn that I have been relieved of my duties as head football coach at Carolina. I am not naïve enough to have ever considered this situation anything less than a serious matter and a significant priority. I have worked as hard as possible to address all aspects of the program that have been questioned. I fully believe we were on our way to getting past these issues and move forward. vMy family and I have been able to endure this difficult period in our lives for several reasons: First and foremost, as a family we have known all along that I personally did nothing wrong. That is the truth. Second, we have also had remarkable support from friends, family, the players, our coaching staff and so many others within the Tar Heel community. That these players and coaches were able to achieve the success they did last season, under such circumstances, makes me enormously proud."

"Moving forward, I wish only the best for the current team and coaches. For the players in particular, I wish them nothing but success on the field and in the classroom. The coaches already know how I feel about them. I couldn’t be more proud of their hard work and dedication. In fact, during the past year or so, my respect and love for our players, the coaching staff and the football administrative staff has grown enormously. It’s a wonderful group of people and I will miss them all."

"For now, I will not be doing any interviews. Perhaps in time I will feel more comfortable about discussing my future. But for now, it’s important to move on as smoothly as possible, because I absolutely do not want to add any further distraction for the players and coaching staff as they approach the 2011 season."

Gary Patterson: If you want to win championships...

TCU is predicted to finish second in the Mountain West Conference behind Boise State. 

If the Horned Frogs are going to win another championship, head coach Gary Patterson says they’ll win it with 2’s and 3’s. 

Patterson explained, “We brought in five freshman safeties and we have three redshirt safeties so we have a lot of talent to pick from.” 

"If you want to win championships you're going to win it with 2’s and 3’s. Everybody loses a starter. So how well do you develop your team from the ground up?" 

"That's been one of the secrets to our success." 

If the Frogs are to repeat as MWC champions, they'll have to do so without five players that were selected in the NFL draft.  Patterson, however, was one of just twenty-five head coaches to keep his staff completely intact during the off-season.

The list of programs without an assistant coaching change this off-season include Arkansas, Army, Bowling Green, Cincinnati, East Carolina, FAU, Florida State, Fresno State, Georgia Tech, Illinois, Iowa, Iowa State, LA Tech, Missouri, NC State, Notre Dame, Ohio, Oregon, Penn State, USF, TCU, Texas A&M, Troy, Virginia, and Washington.

TCU opens at Air Force.  A week later, the Frogs will play at Baylor.  The showdown with Boise State is on the blue turf in the middle of November.

Chris Petersen responds to ruling of no more 'All Blue' uniforms

Mountain West Conference coaches thought Boise State had an unfair advantage by wearing blue on blue on the blue turf.  

It’s a competitive advantage, they say.

The conference commissioner agrees.  On Tuesday, Mountain West Conference commissioner said that Boise State will no longer be allowed to wear “all blue” during conference home games.

Head coach Chris Petersen isn’t pleased and said, “I thought it was ridiculous. That’s our colors. That’s who we are. That’s who our fans have wanted us to be since I’ve been at Boise State. That’s what it’s been through and through.”

He added, “Nike has saved us by giving us a bunch of different combinations. If we can’t wear what we want to wear, then we will wear a bunch of different other stuff.”

No word yet on if the ruling satisfies San Diego State head coach Rocky Long, who was outspoken this off-season about Boise State's blue turf.

After opening with Georgia in Atlanta, Boise State returns home to host Tulsa.  Just a wild guess, but we’re thinking the Broncos will rock the “all blue” look since it’s a non-conference game.

In a related story, we are hearing that SEC coaches are petitioning Mike Slive to ban the "eye of the tiger" at midfield in Baton Rouge.  Too intimidating and an unfair competitive advantage.



Nutt responds to hot garbage coming out of Starkville

For the first time publicly, it appears Houston Nutt reached a boiling point and responded to the garbage coming out of Starkville swagger started by Dan Mullen and continued by the Mississippi State athletic department.

During a Rebel Club event on Tuesday night in Jackson, Mississippi, Nutt took a subtle shot at Mississippi State.

Nutt may have been trying to highlight the class that Ole Miss.  (Boring)

He may have just wanted to remind the Rebel fans of the 45-0 trouncing he put on Mississippi State during his first season as Ole Miss head coach. (Always acceptable to remind your fans of an in-state butt kicking)

OR he may have wanted to hint to Rebel fans that he’s tired of this garbage coming out of Starkville. (In which case, he probably just fired up the Rebel fan base.)

Nutt said about the 45-0 win in 2008, “Nobody had to carry around the trophy and show everybody.”

According to the Clarion-Ledger, Nutt said this year's Egg Bowl against Mississippi State is, "Personal."

Here’s one of the videos the Mississippi State athletic department released that is touting the back-to-back Egg Bowl wins over Ole Miss. The Bulldogs toured the state with trophy, then attempted to make some funny marketing videos to brag about the trophy.

Obviously, Nutt doesn’t think too highly of the garbage production.

Lane Kiffin jabs at Golic

The coaches representing the schools of the PAC-12 South are in Bristol, CT today going through the ESPN “car wash.”

Lane Kiffin just wrapped up an in-studio interview with Mike & Mike in the Morning and Kiffin didn’t pass up the chance to jab at Golic.

Golic, a Notre Dame graduate, not surprisingly reminded Kiffin early on of the 20-16 Irish win in The Coliseum last November.

But before the segment ended, Lane was able to joke back with Golic.

Kiffin reminded Golic of the nine USC players that were drafted this past year.  He said, “We actually passed Notre Dame for the most all-time draft picks.”

Golic responded, “Oh, really?”

Kiffin swiftly responded, “Yes.  That was a long run (smiling).”

Golic jokingly asked Greenie, “Are we done with this interview yet?  I’m ready to move on.”

A few minutes later, Kiffin appeared on set with Chris Fowler during a LIVE SportsCenter feature.

Although he doesn't agree with the severity of the sanctions against USC, Kiffin is very glad the program at least knows what they have to deal with.  

Lane said, "Yea, it (last two years) hasn't been very much fun."

And he's no longer interested in talking about the investigation and sanctions.  "I don’t really care.  It doesn’t really matter.  Everyone wants to focus on other universities and what’s happening to them.  Our scholarships aren’t coming back and our bowl game isn’t coming back.  Let’s move on."

Lane is looking forward to a great year in 2011.  "If we just played 2-minute defense ok, we’re 11-2 last year. You take 51 scholarship players to a great Stanford team, maybe the best Stanford team ever, and have them beat until the last play of the game, shows us that we’re not far away."

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