Les to grads, "Operate with Swagger"

Les Miles was back in Elyria, OH for his 40th high school reunion yesterday and made a surprise appearance at the graduation ceremony for the current Elyria High seniors.

Miles urged the graduates to find their own goals and live life with passion. 

Cindy Leise of the Chronicle Telegram has the story; but we couldn't leave you without passing on this Lesism...

Coach Miles told the graduates to "operate with swagger." "Swagger really means style," Miles said. "I've never met an Elyria High graduate who didn't have style." 

UM AD Dave Brandon: We didn't want to change

There has been plenty of talk about Oliver Luck being one of the top athletic directors in the country, and understandably so. But the job that Michigan AD Dave Brandon has been doing an should not be overlooked. Brandon has been able to take one of the nations strongest athletic programs from top to bottom and institute changes previously not thought possible.

When Brandon took over as the Michigan AD almost two years ago, he took over a organization that he described as "inward-focused" and has since expanded the staff from 275 members to 308 (including creating many new positions including as chief marketing officer and chief information officer), and put a renewed focus on marketing, event execution, and information technology.

One of the first things that Brandon did upon taking the job was to take a close look into what he was inheriting. One thing that he found out pretty quickly was that the University of Michigan did not welcome change.

"Why? Because we're Michigan. We didn't want to change, we were stuck in, 'This is the way we do things at Michigan.' If we didn't like the way things were going, we would just sing the fight song. If it looked like Texas was growing faster than us, if Ohio State kept beating us, if Florida was zooming past us, we'd just sing the fight song. And the reality is, we just didn't want to change."

Unsurprisingly, each change ranging from putting numbers on the helmets, to the football programs first night game at The Big House was met with resistance.

"Every change I have ever proposed has been met with resistance 'You're going to put lights in Michigan Stadium? You're going to play a night game? You're going to put the kids in a vintage uniform? Oh my God, you're going to put numbers on the helmets? How can you do this?'"

"I don't care what it is, any change that's been proposed, this has been a culture that wants to resist it, because we all want to go back to the way it was when we were there, because that's friendly and that's comfortable.

"Every change I have proposed has been met with resistance. But you know what? I don’t care."

Stadium addition at Boise State

When you have the success that Chris Petersen has had at Boise, you are making the jump to the Big East, and you've got the most recognizable turf in the country, adding onto your stadium is the next logical step.  

The multi phase project will significantly add to the seating capacity of the stadium, going from about 35,500 to about 53,000 when all is said and done. The addition in the north end zone will replace the current bleachers with a wall of over 13,00 seats complete with a two story football facility located underneath the grandstand.

The football facility will house the coaches' offices, meeting rooms and new weight room facility. As the last phase of the project, the south end zone would be filled in, and additional suites will be provided on the east side of the stadium.

Below are some pictures of the north end zone project in progress, and some renderings of what the stadium will look like upon completion





Trooper Taylor coaches up the art of the catch

A few good coaching points here from Auburn receivers coach Trooper Taylor on catching the football.

In the video, Taylor explains what body part is more essential than your hands to the catch, proper hand placement, and why the last six inches of the catch are the most important.

Some brief helmet cam footage from receiver Emory Blake putting the coaching points to use as well.

From worst logo to this...

It wasn't long ago that the Culver-Stockton football logo was viewed by many critics as one of the worst logo's in all of college sports. That outlook is about to change.

With some help from Old Hat Creative of Norman, Oklahoma the NAIA school's logo got a big time make over. The new helmet has a nice matte blue color and white facemask to go along with the new logo on  one side and Alabama style numbers on the other side.

Take a look at the before and after below. Big difference.

Culver-Stockton helmet1

Culver-Stockton helmet2

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