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Big 12 apologizes to Gundy

4PM Update> See the tweet above. Hmmm. What's going on here?

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Mike Gundy made it very clear that he was unhappy with the deciding touchdown called in their game against Texas last weekend.

Gundy flat out told reporters, "I think he fumbled." Come to find out, it looks like he was right.

The Big 12 came out today and formally apologized for the botched call.

According to the Oklahoman, the head of Big 12 officials called Gundy to "apologize profusely" for the touchdown that ended up deciding the game Saturday. Further review revealed that the Longhorns touchdown on 2nd and 2 was, in fact, fumbled before the ball crossed the goal line. 

An Oklahoma State player ended up coming up with the ball in the end zone, but the touchdown was reviewed by the booth and later confirmed on the field.

Take a quick look at the play in question below.

Charlie Strong on leaving for Arkansas job, "I'm just not cut like that"

Jim Rome had Louisville head coach Charlie Strong on his show today. To Rome's credit the conversation turned towards the possibility of Strong being contacted about the Arkansas opening after the season. 

Here's a quick summary of the relevant comments:

Rome: Your name has come up with regards to the Arkansas job. You're an Arkansas native...I know you'll tell me you're great where you are and you're only thinking about Louisville; but given your background, if that phone rings do you owe it to yourself to at least pick it up?

Strong: Jim, I always say this. The athletic director and president here gave me my first opportunity. I know a lot of times your name comes up with these different jobs, but when someone reaches out to you I owe it to them [Louisville] to uphold what we've been talking about. The phone call may never come. ... When I got this job my name wasn't even in the mix for the Louisville job. I am fine where I'm at. I've got a lot of backing here and my family loves it here. I'm pretty comfortable where I'm at. 

Rome: When you say to me these are the people that gave me the opportunity, that means something to you, right?

Strong: Oh it does. A lot of times we think the grass is greener on the other side, but you don't just walk away when you are building a program. Then I look at the players I recruited here. I told them to come here for me and for this university and then all of the sudden I got a shot to go somewhere else and I walk away from them? I'm just not cut like that."

Strong comments. 

Sal Sunseri talks about the standard of play that's expected

Sal Sunseri had a few complaints about the way that the Vols defense played in their 51-44 loss to Georgia. The Vols gave up numerous big plays didn't play up to the standard that they had previously established.

"Big plays are killing me. My hair is getting whiter." Sunseri said after practice today.

'And the thing is, knowing our fits and knowing where you have to be to make plays and it's about eleven guys flying to the football. You can't just make it a one guy game."

Sunseri goes on to talk about the standard that he expects the Vols to play at during practices and on game days.

"You get what you demand, and we're demanding that you get to the ball...and that's how it's going to be. Let me just tell you, the standard around here is not going to change. We're going to demand it and we're going to find people who can get to the ball."

"When you go into a one on one drill, there's a standard that we're expecting you to compete with. If it's a seven on seven drill, we want you to compete. Every time you go on that field, whether it's first down, second down or third down there's a standard that you got to play with and if you're not playing with that then your not giving yourself a chance and your not giving your team a chance to win."

Borges took bye week to compare home and away play calls

Michigan (2-2) opens up their Big Ten schedule this weekend at Purdue and is hoping to get back on track in road games. They have dropped their only two road/neutral site games this season (Alabama and Notre Dame).

Since Al Borges has taken the reigns as the offensive coordinator under Brady Hoke, the Wolverines are scoring just under 21 points per game on the road, while putting up just over 40 at the Big House. The Wolverines are 10-0 at home and 3-4 on the road during that span.

Borges took a long hard look at their road games this past weekend looking for the issues giving them trouble and noted that he looked at everything from the play calls at home compared to calls on the road to rushing statistics. But it was their turnovers that seem to be the recurring issue.

"I'm never sure exactly what to make of it. All I know is look at the raw data."

"We're turning the ball over too much on the road, that's No. 1. What's our rushing statistics on the road? How's the play-calling? I looked at that. What I did the last two weeks is I took every game we played on the road, looked at every tape and how I went about calling the offense on the road as opposed to how I was calling the offense (at home)."

The Detroit Free Press points out that interceptions in particular are an area of concern. Denard Robinson has thrown 13 interceptions on the road in seven games compared to 10 interceptions in ten total games in Ann Arbor.

"It's harder to play on the road, but you can't use that as an excuse because good teams win on the road. The biggest issue (at Notre Dame) was we just can't turn the ball over. It sounds like coach speak, but it's true: When you turn the ball over as many times as we turned it over, you have virtually no chance of winning the game." Borges said of the six turnovers in their game against the Fighting Irish.

"I feel like we can win the Big Ten," Borges added. "It's a matter of shoring up the plays that are getting us beat. I think we're fine. It's not like people are pushing us around. We're not getting pushed around. We got a few deals where we self-destructed...and not just the turnovers now, there are other issues, too."

Michigan takes on Purdue (3-1) at 4pm ET. The game can be seen on the Big Ten Network.

The hottest assistant coach in the country?

Week in, week out everyone wants to talk about the "hot assistants". People ask us all the time about Kirby Smart, Chad Morris, Todd Monken, Pat Narduzzi, etc...

Well, this weekend, one guy has the opportunity to make himself the "hottest assistant in the country". 

Imagine if the Texas defense shuts out West Virginia this weekend...

If that were to happen, the media coverage would be as if Manny Diaz somehow turned into Tim Tebow. 

So, could it happen? Well, we'll see Saturday night; but so far we haven't found anyone willing to place hard dollars on or near a Texas shutout. 

Here's a look inside some of the numbers...

In West Virginia's previous four games (against Marshall, James Madison, Maryland and Baylor), the Mountaineers offense has put up some monster numbers, but has yet to face a quality defense outside of Maryland (#8 in total defense).

Maryland's defensive ranking may be a bit a skewed. The Terrapins schedule has included William & Mary, Temple, Connecticut and the Mountaineers, so outside of West Virgina, none of the teams that they've faced rank higher than 106th in total offense in the FBS. The Mountaineers previous FBS opponents, Marshall (115th) and Baylor (120th), each rank toward the bottom of the barrel nationally in total defense. By the way, we heard that, on the flight home from Morgantown, things got a little testy within Art Briles' staff; but that's not what we're talking about here today.

But back to Manny Diaz and the Texas defense. The team is coming off back to back wins at Ole Miss and Oklahoma State and ranks #15 in total defense (261 ypg allowed), and #18 in pass defense (178 ypg). The Longhorn defense will present a challenge to a West Virginia squad that is putting up nearly 600 yards of total offense a week (599 ypg - 3rd nationally) passing for 442 ypg (1st nationally) and scoring 53 points per game (3rd nationally).

West Virginia (4-0, 1-0) hits the road for the first real time this season (they played James Madison in DC) against the Longhorns (4-0, 1-0). The two teams will square off at 7pm ET on FOX Saturday night. Not sure we'll see anything near a shutout; but the whole country is looking forward to a good football game. 

Bob Davie has New Mexico playing tough

Bob Davie has two wins in his first five games at New Mexico, which is more than they had all of last season, and is just one win shy of their win total from the previous three seasons (3).

The last week of 2011, Boise State routed New Mexico 45-0. Last weekend was a different story as Davie and the Lobos gave Boise State all that they could handle before falling 32-29.

Boise took a 25-0 lead into the half, before New Mexico put together a 29 point second half to rally back within three points before the final buzzer sounded. They had a chance to win it after getting the ball back with just over three minutes left to play, and ended up throwing an incomplete pass on 4th and 4.

Davie has got New Mexico (2-3) playing tough, and should lead them to handful more wins as they continue conference play. Their three losses have come to Texas (4-0), Texas Tech (4-0) and Boise State (3-1).

This weekend, they've got Texas State (2-2) at home and will head to Hawaii (1-3) next week. Their remaining eight games feature only two teams currently sitting above .500 (Fresno State who is 3-2 and Nevada who is 4-1).

100 yards rushing is the magic number under Les Miles

LSU (5-0, 2-0) and Florida (4-1, 2-1) square off this weekend in SEC play.

We saw an interesting note earlier this morning saying that when LSU has rushed for over 100 yards under Les Miles, and held their opponent to under 100 yards rushing, they are 47-0.

That's impressive.

Florida brings in the nation's 20th ranked rushing attack, averaging 225 yards on the ground through their first four games (Bowling Green, Texas A&M, Tennessee, Kentucky).

Dating back to last season, the last time the Gators did not reach the 100 yard mark rushing was against Florida State in late November, when they finished with 54 yards on the ground in a loss. In their 13 games last season, Florida rushed for over 100 yards in 8 of those games. Each game that they failed to reach the century mark (Alabama, Auburn, Georgia and Florida State) resulted in a loss.

LSU will take on Florida in the swamp Saturday at 3:30pm ET on CBS.

Mark Snyder: "We hold our twos accountable"

We've all been in the situation at one point in our career where you're up big, and your defense is pitching a shutout and late in the game you put in your number twos to get them some field time.

Some teams have a big drop off between their starters and backups, while other teams are fortunate enough to have some depth.

After a conversation with strength coach Larry Jackson, Texas A&M defensive coordinator Mark Snyder has gotten the team to buy into the belief that those "twos" should be held accountable to the same standard as the starters.

"A couple weeks ago against SMU, the two's didn't perform as well, and it was interesting, we got on the bus and it was just me and (strength coach) Larry Jackson. He was drawing some similarities to when he played when they were good on defense."

"He said 'You know, the one thing that we did as players is that we held the twos accountable,' and I shared that with our defense and you could see it in practice. Guys getting on the twos and encouraging the twos so that when they got their opportunity, that was really really good to see." Snyder explained.

That was evident last weekend against Arkansas. The Razorbacks put up ten points in the first quarter, taking a 10-7 lead at the end of the first. But then the Aggies put together 51 unanswered points and the twos held their ground late in the game to finish with a final score of 58-10.