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100 yards rushing is the magic number under Les Miles

LSU (5-0, 2-0) and Florida (4-1, 2-1) square off this weekend in SEC play.

We saw an interesting note earlier this morning saying that when LSU has rushed for over 100 yards under Les Miles, and held their opponent to under 100 yards rushing, they are 47-0.

That's impressive.

Florida brings in the nation's 20th ranked rushing attack, averaging 225 yards on the ground through their first four games (Bowling Green, Texas A&M, Tennessee, Kentucky).

Dating back to last season, the last time the Gators did not reach the 100 yard mark rushing was against Florida State in late November, when they finished with 54 yards on the ground in a loss. In their 13 games last season, Florida rushed for over 100 yards in 8 of those games. Each game that they failed to reach the century mark (Alabama, Auburn, Georgia and Florida State) resulted in a loss.

LSU will take on Florida in the swamp Saturday at 3:30pm ET on CBS.

Mark Snyder: "We hold our twos accountable"

We've all been in the situation at one point in our career where you're up big, and your defense is pitching a shutout and late in the game you put in your number twos to get them some field time.

Some teams have a big drop off between their starters and backups, while other teams are fortunate enough to have some depth.

After a conversation with strength coach Larry Jackson, Texas A&M defensive coordinator Mark Snyder has gotten the team to buy into the belief that those "twos" should be held accountable to the same standard as the starters.

"A couple weeks ago against SMU, the two's didn't perform as well, and it was interesting, we got on the bus and it was just me and (strength coach) Larry Jackson. He was drawing some similarities to when he played when they were good on defense."

"He said 'You know, the one thing that we did as players is that we held the twos accountable,' and I shared that with our defense and you could see it in practice. Guys getting on the twos and encouraging the twos so that when they got their opportunity, that was really really good to see." Snyder explained.

That was evident last weekend against Arkansas. The Razorbacks put up ten points in the first quarter, taking a 10-7 lead at the end of the first. But then the Aggies put together 51 unanswered points and the twos held their ground late in the game to finish with a final score of 58-10.


How many athletic directors would do this?

Many head coaches have the full support of their athletic directors, but we can bet that many coaches wish they had the type of support Mark Dantonio just got at Michigan State.

Spartan Stadium is about to undergo an $18 million expansion project, highlighted by a new, state-of-the-art welcome center to host recruits for all Spartan sports. In an impressive gesture of support of the efforts, MSU Athletic Director Mark Hollis personally donated $1 million towards the upcoming renovations. “It sends a pretty good signal that we love this place” he said.

A native of Michigan, Hollis graduated from Michigan State in 1985, serving as a team manager for the basketball team as a student, and has been working in the athletic department since 1995. Hollis became AD in 2008 and recently signed a new contract which could be worth up to $750,000 per year. A Spartan for life, he felt this was the least he could do.

“It’s a message of what should be done,” Hollis said. “Is it easier to walk in a room? I met with an advisory board, which is made up of a group of donors. When I spoke to them about it, I was extremely emotional. I kicked the staff out. One of the members thought I was announcing my resignation as I started to break down. It’s an emotional process to think what impact you want to have on your alma mater.”

Before becoming AD, Hollis played a major role in the hiring of current head coach Mark Dantonio, who is 65-40 since taking over in East Lansing, highlighted by back-to-back 11 win seasons, the first time that feat has ever been accomplished at MSU. Now he is supporting his head coach and his staff in the most selfless way possible, by helping finance a facility that will directly impact their recruiting efforts.

"It’s a component that most of the competition has in place already," Hollis said of the new facility. "Postgame, it’s like jam yourself in the locker room, maybe high-five a player and a coach, and then leave. This gives them an opportunity to engage. Recruits at halftime can come in from all sports and talk with each other”.

Mark Hollis put his money where his mouth and his heart are, and the biggest winners will be the coaches at Michigan State.

Wednesday TV - No games

No games on tonight, but a triple dip of college action along with a NFL game tomorrow night. 

Eastern time listed.


No games


No games

High School:

No games

What coaches wives do at 3AM

UCLA plays Cal this weekend. In Jim Mora's morning chat with the media today he mentioned that upon waking up at 3am, he found his wife watching Cal's defense on Hudl in the bed (presumably on Hudl's iPad app). 

Our records indicate that if Mora had woken up at 2:45 he would have found his wife first perusing Footballscoop; but that's just poor timing on his behalf (FootballScoop viewership was up 72% over last September...not much of that coming at 2:45AM; but we do appreciate those that do). 

In all seriousness, a coach asked us the other day, "How much time do you think the average coach spends watching video on Hudl and checking The Scoop?" As American as apple pie! 

Broken play and improvisation lead to big D-II upset

St. Cloud State scored on a broken play with 3 seconds left to upset the #2 team in Division II on Saturday.

The Huskies went into halftime down 28-10 to Minnesota-Duluth before eventually battling back with 41 second half points and having a chance to win it with 3 seconds on the clock.

The clip below captures the last play of the game from field level. The final play breaks down and instead of staying in pass protection, the running back improvises and releases, and the quarterback scrambles and gets him the ball. The running back has just enough of an angle to make it into the end zone for the game winning touchdown as time expires.

You can tell from the crowd's reaction that the 51-49 win was huge for the St. Cloud State program, and you couldn't get a better angle than this field level view.

BYU's blackout uniforms

BYU is breaking out some black on black uniforms for their game against Oregon State on the 13th.

They've added some nice matte black helmets with the signature oval "Y" logo, and also kept the color scheme and outline on the numbers traditional. Overall a pretty good look.




The Scoop on stats - Week 5

Here's a quick look at some interesting stats through week 5 of college football.

Let us know what you've noticed as well.

- Air Force and UTSA remain the only teams in the country to not allow a sack. Air Force has played four games, UTSA has played three. The two teams rank toward the bottom nationally in pass attempts. Air Force has attempted 44 passes (123rd nationally) and UTSA has attempted 87 (115th nationally).

- Of the six teams yet to throw an interception, two are from the state of Louisiana. Toledo, Alabama, Louisiana-Lafayette, Louisiana Tech, Ohio, and Air Force have all yet to throw a pick. Of those teams, Toledo has the most pass attempts (186), and Ohio has the most touchdowns (13).

- Arkansas has given up 101 plays of 10 yards or more through five games. That's 73 more than Alabama has given up in their five games.

- During Geno Smith's record setting Saturday where he had more touchdown passes than incompletions, (6 incompletions to 8 touchdowns) he also surpassed former Mountaineer quarterback Mike Timko's total passing yardage for the entire 1985 season (567 yards).

- Fresno State defensive back Phillip Thomas is averaging an interception a game through the first five games of the year. Thomas has also taken 2 of those interceptions back for touchdowns.

- FCS teams have beaten FBS teams ten times already this year, tying the record for most wins in a single season. That record has a good chance of falling with 11 more FCS vs. FBS match ups before the season ends.

- The Pac 12 and SEC are among the best teams in the country in third down conversion percentage, with three teams from each conference making the list. Pac 12 members making the top ten are Oregon State (#2 - 20.5%), Stanford (#4 -  24.2%), Oregon (#5 - 24.7%) and SEC teams include Texas A&M (#7 - 26.5%), LSU (#8 - 27%), and South Carolina (#10 - 27.4%). TCU is the top ranked third down defense allowing teams to convert on only 19.3% of their tries.

- Marshall continues to lead the country in plays over 10 yards with 111. Arizona moved into the #2 spot tied with Oregon at 102 plays over 10 yards.

- Fresno State is the only team in the country with 2 scrimmage plays over 90 yards.

- The top three teams in scoring offense are from the Big 12. Oklahoma State leads the nation with nearly 56 points per game, Baylor is a close second at 54.3 and West Virginia is sitting at 53 points per game.

- According to USA Today, back in 2007 teams scored at least 60 points 24 different times. Through five weeks this season, 23 teams have already hit the 60 point mark.

- Northwestern kicker Jeff Budzien is the only kicker in the country to attempt over 10 field goals so far this season and convert on 100% of his attempts (11/11).

- Kansas State (4-0) and Central Michigan (2-2) are the least penalized teams in the country. Each team is committing less than 3 penalties per game for less than 20 yards.

- Louisiana Tech (10.5) and Rutgers (10.3) are the only two teams in the country that are averaging double digit penalties. Both teams are also 4-0. Louisiana Tech also has the most penalty yardage per game (98 yards per contest).

- Buffalo, Wake Forest, Alabama, and Oklahoma State are all coming out of the red zone with points on 100% of their trips. Oklahoma leads the nation with 25 attempts (20 touchdowns), while Buffalo has taken 9 trips (8 of them being touchdowns).

- The top 5 teams in time of possession are a combined 19-2 (Oregon State, UTSA, Florida, Louisville, Louisiana-Monroe). The bottom five (Houston, Kentucky, Baylor, Northern Illinois, Buffalo) are a combined 10-12. Which is very different than least season when Oregon and Houston (who finished a combined 25-3) ranked 120th and 114th in time of possession.

- Both Mississippi State (6) and Temple (5) have forced at least 5 fumbles and have recovered every single one of them.

- North Texas, Rutgers and Western Michigan have yet to allow an offense to convert a fourth down attempt. Each defense has stayed on the field and stuffed four separate attempts.