Gary Patterson and June Jones no longer buds

This one is gonna leave a mark.  Yesterday, on his weekly news conference, Patterson had some rather choice words for Jones and SMU (more on this below).  Today on the C-USA call, Jones had his opportunity to respond; and he wasn't particularly nice either. 

So here's what we have.  On Saturday SMU beat TCU 40-33 in overtime. From the accounts that we've seen and the people that we have spoken with who were at the game, the C-USA refs were less than stellar (we hear that the commissioner of the C-USA called TCU's AD to apologize over the refs performance). Patterson was not pleased with the refs and let that be known during and after the game; but then he turned his attention (and displeasure) towards Jones and SMU in general. 

The readers digest version of Patterson's quotes...Jones is now 1-8 against TCU...the SMU staff loves to come to TCU to ask for help learning how to win...door is no longer open to them...we won't support them in expansion any more...yes I remember Phil Bennett saying "TC-who" after SMU's win in 2005...I know SMU is watching, they know I'm right.

Literally too many quotes for us to put here; but if you want to read a bunch of them, follow this link.

Jones, who earlier in the week had said that TCU hadn't changed much in years...which helps in game prep (yes, that seemed to upset Patterson), had an opportunity to tone down the issue just a few minutes ago on the C-USA call.  Did he take the high road?  What do you think?  No, no he didn't.

Jones, in reference to Patterson saying that he's wasn't going to help SMU anymore, "He said he wasn't going to help us anymore; but he already has...we're guaranteed a sellout next year."

Asked if we would call Patterson to set the record straight, "I think I will...after he settles down."

Jones added, "Seems like every team we play, [their coaches] lose their mind."

Here's a tip for local high end dining establishments in the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex, don't book Jones and Patterson on the same night. 


No TV Wednesday

Nothing. Nada. Zilch.  

Come back tomorrow for live football including Cal at Oregon.





High School:


A 22 minute replay in D-1 football, are you kidding me?

We didn't think it was possible for a replay official to hold a football game up 22 minutes while he tries to sort out his own error; but yes, that can happen if you play in the WAC.  

The unfortunate guys who had to witness this debacle were the players, coaches and fans of Louisiana Tech and Hawaii this past Saturday. 

The quick run down is this...Hawaii coach Greg McMackin called a timeout before the snap on a 3rd down play. On the field, the refs granted the timeout but the players played the play. Thus, on the field, after the timeout, the refs properly had everything lined up for 3rd down.  Incomplete pass...and thus now it's 4th down.  Punt and now it's LA Tech's ball.  All correct.

Now here's the problem. The brilliant guy up in the box thought the original 3rd down play counted.  Then he thought the timeout occurred after that play (wrong). He then saw the incomplete pass which he though occurred on 4th down.  He then saw the punt which he thought was on a 5th down (wrong again).  He buzzed the crew and said he needed to review the sequence because he thought Hawaii had just had 5 downs.

We're not making this part up.  This guy, the replay official, then held the game up 22 minutes while trying to sort this out.

McMackin said he spoke with the refs on the field and they all were on the same page and knew there was no issue; but the guy upstairs was confused...for 22 minutes. 

The score was 13-6 Hawaii at the time.  After the delay, Hawaii went on a 28-7 run and wound up winning 44-26.

Not that it helps anything; but yesterday (on Tuesday...yes they waited until Tuesday) WAC commissioned Karl Benson apologized for what he called an "excessive" delay.  Really.  On Tuesday.  We're fairly sure Sonny Dykes said, "Thanks Karl. That really means a lot."  

Below you will find video of Sonny Dykes at halftime speaking to ESPN's crew about the call. We are going to keep the video of Dykes' reaction to Benson's statement on Tuesday in the FootballScoop vault.


1 guy, 3 picks in 6 plays

All we can say is "wow".  Oklahoma defensive back Tony Jefferson had a record setting day on Saturday against Ball State.

Jefferson intercepted Ball State quarterback Keith Wenning (who had 176 straight attempts without throwing an interception) three times on consecutive series...the first time that has been done in OU history. 

As crazy as that is, he actually had a shot at 4 for 4...the next time Ball State got the ball, Jefferson had one glance off his hands. Regarding that fourth opportunity, Jefferson said he dropped it because he was already thinking about making a spin move and taking it to the house. 

Watch this clip...between the 0:47 mark and the 1:47 mark you can see all three picks and what should have been the 4th.



Holgorsen unloads on the fans for not showing up

Weekly presser this morning for Dana Holgorsen.  Standard stuff for the first 13 minutes as the fuse burned; but at the 14 minute mark he exploded.

Holgorsen let the local fans (and students) have it for not showing up this past weekend when the Mountaineers hosted Bowling Green (62k showed for the LSU game, 46k for Bowling Green).  

Video is available at the bottom; but the streaming from the site that captured it is not very good (or in Holgorsen's verbiage...it's stinks...hey, the man calls it like he sees it). 

Most of his quotes on the topic follow:

"You came into last week, where you've got all kinds of excuses not to play well. Like, had to cancel the Mantrip, we had bad weather, it was cold. It was wet," he said. "The environment was terrible. It was relatively early -- maybe you didn't respect your opponent. No matter what the excuses were, our players didn't buy into it. But obviously our fan base did. So whatever our expectations are with our players as far as preparing every week and going to the game and playing their best, I highly encourage our students and our support to take the same approach. You only get seven opportunities a year. What's so hard about it? Is it too cold? It wasn't too cold for our players. It wasn't too cold for our coaches or managers or trainers. They were out there. So why did we have 20,000 people less at this one than we did last week?

"The funny part about it, we're all talking two weeks ago about how much difference the crowd's going to make to the LSU people. Well, LSU played well in front of 62,000 of our people and then turned around and went home and played a 1-4 Kentucky team at noon and had 95,000 people there. You want to talk about an elite program, that's one. I don't know about this place."

"I'm new here. I just call it like I see it. I'm just going to go ahead and say what I think. This off-season I did go out there and beat the drum. I talked about how important it is to our athletic department and our players and our coaches to have support. All I heard about was how much this meant to everybody across the state of West Virginia. This was the NFL team in town and we're going to be here to support you. Well, having 40,000 people at a game isn't doing that....We do our best every week to fix what the problems are offensively, defensively and special teams wise. Well what's everybody across the state of West Virginia, including the student body, doing to fix the fact that our players had to play in front of 40,000 people.

"We have a conference game coming up this week. It's at noon. I can give you some excuses now: Playing a team that's 2-3. Well, they should be 5-0. Playing at noon. Well, who cares? Get up. Mantrip's at 9:45. Are we going to have a good crowd or are we going to have nobody there? Is the weather going to be 85 and sunny or 25 and snowing? It really doesn't matter because the coaches and players and trainers and everybody else is going to be there. That's what our job is. What's the support people's job?"



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