What dreams are made of

A new high school in Tennessee (Summit) fielded a football team this season for the first time ever.  

The school, which only has freshmen and sophmores currently, opened their season with a bang (see video).  The young team didn't get the win; but those will come.  What a great way to open a program.  

Good luck to coach Scott Keasler building a program. 


A&M makes it official

Texas A&M just put out the following release:


NEWS RELEASE - August 31, 2011

COLLEGE STATION, Texas – Texas A&M University today officially notified the Big 12 Conference that the institution will submit an application to join another athletic conference. Should this application be accepted, Texas A&M will end its membership in the Big 12 Conference effective June 30, 2012.

There was plenty more thereafter; but that's what you need to know. 

Are you allowed to play 11 fullbacks?

Might just be us here at FootballScoop but does anyone else think that Kevin Wilson would put 11 fullbacks on the field at any given time during the game?  

Yep, probably is just us; but we've been watching what he's doing at Indiana and speaking with guys up there and the fact is he has reinvigorated that program.  No, they probably won't win a pile of games this year; but we're pretty sure they will battle on every play.

The program is headed in a good direction.  

"It's not your daddy's IU no more"?


"You've never seen anything like this"

Charlie Weis sat down and spoke with some reporters yesterday.  He spent a few minutes gushing about the speed of running backs Jeff Demps and Chris Rainey.  

Weis says the two are almost the same guy...and they are fast.  

Question from reporter, "You say you've never had two guys that quick...you're just talking about at the college level, right?"

Weis: "Not close.  No I'm talking period.  Not college level, period.  Period.  And you know, everyone that comes in, all my boys from that other level, I say the same thing to them...you've never seen anything like this..."


Sounds like FAU is going to be seeing quite a bit of Demps and Rainey this weekend.

Wednesday TV

Might be the last day for quite a while that you will read this; but no live games tonight.  

Check back tomorrow for the full slate of Thursday games.  Good lineup on TV; plus a huge number of overall games for the first Thursday night.  

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