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Michigan athletics putting on seminar for hefty price tag

The University of Michigan is planning to put on a leadership seminar for business executives in June hosted by Brady Hoke, and numerous other coaches and Michigan business professors.

The goal of the seminar, titled "Leaders and Best: Winning the Leadership Game", is to teach business leadership through UM sports including lessons on; "the trick to transformations in times of crisis", "how to teach people a new way of doing things", and "how to take on fierce competitors and produce winning results".

Athletic Director David Brandon says that the seminar "will share leadership concepts and team-building strategies that are used to prepare our teams for big-time college sports competition at the national level."

The cost to attend the seminar is currently estimated at $14,900 (with some likely discounts for alumni and donors). The price tag includes events such as team activities, game-play enactments, and wellness exercises to be held at The Big House and other Wolverine athletic facilities.

Helmet design backlash for Mizzou?

As we told you a few weeks ago, Missouri plans to unveil some new uniforms changes during their spring game on April 14th, and part of those changes include getting rid of the block "M" on the helmets.

Gary Pinkel says that the new changes are a huge hit with recruits. "They went crazy, those are 18-year-old kids, and (those concepts are) what we're recruiting against and what we're playing." he said of the new changes.

While the recruits may be an easy sell, the hardcore traditionalists may feel quite different about removing the logo that has been on the helmets for 40 years. "I know the history of that helmet, I know everything about that helmet," he said. "But we chose to take the 'M' off the helmet."

Studies have shown that people identify with the tiger head logo and the word "Mizzou" more than the block "M". Nationally, the block "M" is often confused for Michigan and others Pinkel added.





Good stuff from Greg Davis

New offensive coordinator Greg Davis got the opportunity to sit down with the media for the first time yesterday to talk about his time in Iowa City so far, and his plans for the Hawkeye offense moving forward.

"From the very time Kirk and I started talking it was about blending philosophy, about blending the way we call things and creating something that was 2012." Davis said. "We're just trying to take the best of both worlds, put it together and come up with something that is ours."

Staying at a local hotel for the time being, Davis says that he has gotten a pretty clear picture on how important football is to Hawkeye country. The other night he came in to find some guys in their 20's and 30's sitting around the lobby, and they recognized him, and they came over to talk for a bit, and as Coach Davis puts it "I was immediately invited to go to a bachelor party."

Being out of the football limelight for a few seasons, Davis spent his time traveling the country visiting high schools and college campuses taking notes and trying to see football in a different light.

"I tried to get out once a week and watch high school teams. Then, on the weekends, I kind of went back in the man cave and taped every game that I couldn't watch." he said.

Building a program from scratch

Imagine having the opportunity to truly build a vision for a program from the ground up, and then seeing it all come together. Nothing easy about building a program; but it sure must be a rewarding feeling to have done it. 

That was the opportunity that Andy Carr and his staff at D-III Presentation College in Aberdeen, South Dakota had this past season.

Carr led Presentation to a 3-7 record in their first season playing football. After opening up with three losses, they won their next three games (and two of their losses towards the end of the season came by a combined 11 points)...an impressive feat considering there were 43 freshmen on the roster.

The video below does a great job of capturing the journey of Coach Carr and the staff.

Rich Rod keeping things in perspective

Rich Rod and the new Arizona staff begin their spring practices today, and if the past is any indication...Rodriguez will take spring ball success in stride.

Rodriguez commented briefly on his past coaching stops and how spring ball went at each of them. “At Glenville (State), there were 25 guys on the team. I was bigger than all of them, at Tulane, if there was an NCAA record for sacks allowed in the spring game...and  Shaun King was our quarterback, we would have set it. Clemson wasn’t real pretty. West Virginia was ugly. Michigan was ugly."

With all that in retrospect, Rich Rod added “If it gets too pretty this spring, then we have more problems on defense than I ever imagined.”

"Unofficial" videos

Delta State has played some pretty good ball the last few years winning 10 or more games in 3 out of their last 4 seasons. In December, head coach Ron Roberts was named head coach at Southeastern Louisiana and a few weeks later Jamey Chadwell was named the new head coach.

Even successful programs like Delta State are always looking for ways to put more fans in the stands and to generate additional buzz about their program.  Someone at Delta State came up with the idea of using their unofficial mascot (the Fighting Okra) in what they hoped would turn into a viral marketing campaign...we think we're about to do our part to help!

We don't know when this campaign began; but several "Fighting Okra" videos have made their way onto Youtube. The first one we saw (there were several before this one) was fairly tame.

But, the one we saw this morning was downright funny. 

We're not sure where all of this is headed; but these videos are short and well put together and are beginning to capture quite a following on youtube (we're beginning to see some buzz about them on Twitter). Overall, this has to be considered a success for Delta State.

Bill O'Brien speaks about the first thing he did at Penn State

Bill O'Brien has been on the job for just over two months now at Penn State, and is not a believer in the "honeymoon phase" of the job.

"I can't stand the term 'honeymoon phase, this is a difficult job, just like every Division I head coaching job. There are no honeymoons." he said.

O'Brien caught up with Mark Wogenrich Of The Morning Call after the annual Nike Eastern Pennsylvania Coach of the Year Clinic to talk about a few other things surrounding the program.

O'Brien said that the first thing on his checklist once he got on campus was to make sure that everyone associated with the program knew their role. "The first week I was there we had an organizational meeting with 45-50 people who work for us in the football building, and we wanted to make sure each person understands their role" he explained.

He also talked about a new personal rule that he has to sleep a few hours in his own bed each night. "When you spend 24-7 working on football, you'd better make sure you're a good family man. Right now, that's tough, with my family still being in Massachusetts. Hopefully, they'll be here by the end of March" he added.

One last thing, O'Brien says he doesn't plan to have a twitter account in the future.  Just a hunch; but we'd bet a dollar that he has one within 12 months.

New facilities at Furman

There are some exciting changes taking place on campus at Furman.

Head coach Bruce Fowler updated the Furman faithful on the progress of the Paladin football complex recently. The new facility will house the actual stadium, the locker rooms, training rooms, coaches offices, a nice recruiting room to showcase the history and tradition of the program, as well as a team meeting area.

The layout and overall look of the new facility are a nice upgrade.