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Clemson: "We're the total package"
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D-II version of "Evolution of Dance"

Some friendly staff competition at North Carolina

After answering some personal questions about himself, Walt Bell and Go Heels TV got down to the brass tacks.

When asked to impersonate coach Fedora in the weight room, Bell respectfully declined but added that Fedora has a lot of "mirror muscle" and is the type of guy that goes into the weight room with a mission. He gets into his routine, gets his work done, and gets out.

Bell also offered some insight on offensive coordinator Blake Anderson and his coaching trademarks, and impersonated a few of head strength coach Lou Hernandez's mannerisms and sayings.

Bell was also asked some that really made him think. Questions such as; who would win in a foot race between him and Fedora or a bench press competition with defensive coordinator Dan Disch, and who would win in a dance off between himself and Coach Hernandez?

That's staff chemistry at it's finest.


Nation's top recruits impersonate coaches

Out in Beaverton Oregon recruits gathered to compete against each other in an event dubbed "The Opening" held at Nike headquarters.

In the video below recruits were asked to impersonate coaches. Instant classic.

Video: D-I here we come!

South Alabama just released a video highlighting their off season preparation as they get ready to join the ranks of Division I football and the Sunbelt Conference.

The Jaguars will open up 2012 with two home games (Texas-San Antonio and Nicholls State) before heading east to Raleigh to take on NC State, and then off to Starkville to take on Mississippi State before starting Sunbelt play at home against Troy.

These guys are aware of the challenges ahead and are putting in some serious work. 

An in depth look at the Air Raid

Chris Brown of Smart Football just released a comprehensive study of the Air Raid offense that is definitely worth a look.

The success of Air Raid teams ranging from Hal Mumme to Mike Leach to Dana Holgorsen and Todd Monken prompted Brown to break down the offense and everything from it's rich history to the philosophies that help make it so efficient and successful.

Really good content here complete with diagrams, game tape, and even some clinic film. Really well done article.

The importance of relationships

As coaches, we all understand how important relationships are in our profession. Relationships with other coaches as well as relationships with our players.

When David Cutcliffe woke up in the hospital following his triple-bypass surgery a few years ago, on visitor came in to see him. That man was John Latina, now on Cutcliffe's staff as the offensive line coach.

Latina and Cutcliffe had formed a strong bond during their time together at Ole Miss and Latina eventually joined Duke staff as the offensive line coach.

During the off season, Latina headed a group of 11 of players that decided to take their bond to the next level by taking a mission trip to Ethiopia. While there their objective was to hand drill a freshwater well for the villagers. Not an easy task.

The trip was meant to bring the offensive line unit closer together, to further develop their relationship as teammates and friends so that as individuals they can work better together as a unit...much like the working relationship between assistant coaches and the head coach. Everyone working toward a common goal.

“Everybody was in it together. It’s not like he was the head coach and everybody else was waiting for his command to go to work. I think that really formed what I consider a great friendship.” Latina said about his relationship with Cutcliffe.

It is that type of attitude and focus that the two have brought to Duke that will be important this season as they take on Stanford on the road, as well as conference road games at Virginia Tech, Florida State, Wake Forest and Georgia Tech.

In the film room with Mack Brown

Mack Brown breaks down the last 40 seconds of last seasons Texas A&M game for the Longhorn Network in the video below.

As you may remember, Texas is down 1 with about 40 seconds left on the clock and Chase McCoy scrambles for big gain and a first down. Brown then decides to center the ball up and send out "team automatic" for the win.

Hear what was going through his mind as it all unfolded.

Gundy: The best hire I've ever made...

Ask Mike Gundy about the best hire he has ever made and, with very little hesitation, he'll tell you it was Dana Holgorsen.

“When I look back at decisions that I've made, and there were some that were wrong, but one of the best coaching moves in the country was to hire Dana Holgorsen. And the reason why is Brandon Weeden couldn't run, which is the system we had before. So we took a chance.”

“People were scared to death we weren't going to run the ball, but I'd done my research and knew (Holgorsen) ran the ball. And he brought a little bit of attitude into our program.”

In his only season under Gundy in 2010 the Cowboys had the #2 ranked passing offense (346 ypg), #3 total offense (520 ypg), #3 scoring offense (44 ppg) and also finished in the top 10 in sacks allowed (.77 per game).

In year one at West Virginia, Holgo led the Mountaineers to a 10-3 record and top 25 finishes in multiple offense categories including a #6 ranked pass offense, #15 total offense, and #13 scoring offense.

Makes you wonder...What's he have in store for year two? This time, back in the Big 12.



Weis: For players, it's all about word of mouth

When Charlie Weis was hired, he decided to hire two coaches with deep Kansas roots to build a fence around the state. 

Special teams coordinator Clint Bowen and offensive line coach Tim Grunhard both have pretty big names in Kansas. Grunhard has NFL experience with the Cheifs, as well as time as a high school coach in the Kansas City area. Bowen has developed a unique loyalty in Lawrence where he played defensive back, and has also worked under three different Kansas head coaches.

According to Weis, these are the two guys that in state recruiting starts with for the Jayhawks.

“We’ll sprinkle everyone else in, but it all starts with those two."

As Weis explains, having household Kansas names on staff like Bowen and Grunhard, coupled with their work ethic on the recruiting trail is eventually going to have a snowball effect on recruiting.

“What happens is, when you start winning some of them, then you start winning more of them because those guys talk to the other guys about the experiences they’re having."

“It’s all about word of mouth for the players.”