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"At 10,000 reps, it becomes instinctive"

As defensive line coach Steve Stripling reps his guys through drills during camp, he has the number 10,000 in mind, especially for the younger guys.

"When you're in camp the main goal is to be productive, meaning that you want the kids to understand what you're doing and why you're doing it and get to the point where your building habits and it becomes instinctive."

"Repetition, we talk about in terms of getting 10,000 reps before it become instinctive. So that's what we're trying to get done during camp. Multiple reps to make it become instinctive for the kid so that they don't have to think and they can just be aggressive."

Pete Carroll's latest prank

It should come as no surprise, but the prankster Pete Carroll is at it again.

Here's the scene. The Seahawks signed Terrell Owens on Monday, and the team thinks that they are setting him up to get punk'd during a team meeting by Coach Carroll. Llittle does the team know, Carroll has a trick up his sleeve.

Friday TV

Jets and Bengals face off tonight on the NFL Network.

Eastern time is listed.


New York Jets at Cincinnati - 7:30 - NFL Network

Tampa Bay at Miami - 7:30

Cleveland at Detroit - 7:30

New York Giants at Jacksonville - 7:30

Arizona at Kansas City - 8:00

Minnesota at San Francisco - 9:00


No games.

High School: 

No games.

Recruits weigh in on Franklin's recruiting pitch

There has been plenty of buzz the past year or so about the success that Franklin and his staff have had out on the recruiting trail, beating out other SEC schools like Florida, Tennessee, and South Carolina for recruits.

Already the staff has tied up 16 commitments for the 2013 class, as well as two on board already for the 2014 class. 

The bottom line is that with the program's recent success, Vanderbilt has no shortage of things to sell. They're not only a program on the rise in the SEC, but when you graduate from there you're getting a degree that rivals any degree in the nation. The Sporting News' Brian McLaughlin caught up with a few recruits to get some insight about the recruiting pitch that was used to get them on board.

Gerald Perry, a receiver out of the Memphis area explained "When I was being recruited, one of the things that Coach Franklin said to me was I could go to another college and get compared to another person who already succeeded at that school, or I can come to Vandy and make my own legacy."

One of their 2014 commitments, K.J. Cara-Samuels (whose older brother is already on the roster as a quarterback) said that Vandy is a special place, with a unique family atmosphere that exists between the coaches and the players.

“Coach Franklin is down to earth and I know he will never lie to me. That’s the thing I have learned from my brother through his time there. No matter what, the coaches and players are a family and to be a family you must be honest with each other. I don’t think many places are like that in college football.”

Anyone that's familiar with Coach Franklin (or that have watched any one of their many video's featured here on The Scoop) knows that he is a high energy guy, which is another aspect of the program that has struck a chord with recruits.

“They say Vandy is the Harvard of the South. Most people don’t think of Vandy as a great football program but respect the academics—but they go hand in hand. It’s a team on the rise. I can’t say enough about Coach Franklin. He’s energy all day, 24-7.”

Mic'd up at New Mexico

Really good mic'd up session here with New Mexico defensive coordinator Jeff Mills.

"Do it right, do it light. Do it wrong, do it long." he tells the defensive backs at one point. Gotta love the energy he's bringing.

Petrino talks to ESPN

This morning, Bobby Petrino's interview with Joe Schad aired on ESPN.

In the interview, Petrino takes responsibility for his actions.

"That's not how I was raised. That's not how I raised my children. I take responsibility for it and I am really sorry."

Advice from McCarney: "Eliminate outside expectations"

Dan McCarney is looking forward to doing things with the North Texas football program that have never been done before.

In order to accomplish that, McCarney explains that there are a few things that they need to do first, starting with eliminating expectations from those outside of the program.

"If we went around here and worried about what people on the outside think of our program and how far we can go, we'd be in depression all the time." Great advice for any coach out there that is in a similar situation.

Gator head now the midfield logo at Florida

The Swamp will have a bit of a different look this fall, including new fonts used around the stadium and the "F" at midfield being replaced with the infamous Gator head.

Our goal was to place our primary mark at midfield. That’s the most prominent location on the field and we felt that’s where the Gator head needed to be. It’s a hugely recognized symbol in college athletics.” explained Mike Hill, senior associate AD for external affairs.

The decision to change the midfield logo was decided after numerous conversations with the staff, as well as former letter winners who sit on the board of the F Club.

The font that will be featured around the stadium in the same Gator font that has been used on the basketball uniforms for many years. Pictures of the changes are below.