On second thought, Oklahoma State will NOT lose a day of practice per week

When the NCAA announced that Oklahoma State would lose a day of practice per week due to poor APR scores, we wrote a post wondering how Mike Gundy and his staff would work around the penalty. Turns out we can go ahead and wipe that one from the archives.

Oklahoma State announced Tuesday that it would indeed not be docked one day of practice per week after revising its APR score to meet the minimum threshold of 930, up from a 929.41 two-year average. How were the Cowboys able to do this? According to the announcement, Oklahoma State discovered that a student-athlete from the 1990's had recently graduated.

Why does a system that measures academic progress over the past two and four-year periods care what a student who started school a year and a half ago does? Great question. I don't have the slightest clue of an answer.

"Throughout this process the NCAA has been committed to having complete and accurate data," Oklahoma State senior associate athletics director for compliance Kevin Fite said in a statement. "We were provided a great deal of assistance in ensuring the information we were evaluated on accurately reflected our football team's academic performance, based on APR standards. When the additional point was discovered earlier this summer, the NCAA staff promptly re-evaluated our situation and added the point, which took us out of the penalty range."

We all know that the inmates run the asylum inside the NCAA. When the schools write the rulebook, it should not then surprise us when they also write the loopholes and cheat codes. 

Watching Art Briles talk about his faith is the most inspiring thing you'll see today

There's a whole lot more to Art Briles than climbing the ranks from high school coach to turning around the Baylor program, and eventually producing the program's first Heisman winner.

This video is a prime example of that, and provides a look into Art Briles that you simply can't find anywhere else; from losing his parents (who died as they traveled to see him play in a bowl game), to how his faith drives him today.

"I'm not intimidated by my circumstances. The events in my life have made me unafraid." You can easily look at that quote and see how it has taken root in his life, but it also has a lot of parallels to how he's turned programs like Houston and Baylor around.

Regardless of your religious orientation, this is good.

Why was Mark Richt tweeting about the Bachelorette last night?

On July 18, Coral Gables, Fla., wide receiver Shaquery Wilson committed to Georgia. Mark Richt issued the following tweet. It received 227 retweets.

A day later, Jacksonville, Fla., defensive back Deontai Williams committed to Georgia. Richt again tweeted the non-announcement announcement, which was retweeted 351 times.

On Thursday, New Orleans wide receiver Michael Chigbu committed to the Bulldogs. Richt again sent a celebratory tweet, which was retweeted 260 times.

And then there was last night, retweeted 1,248 times and counting. 

What happened? Well, this happened.


For those who can't stomach the nine minutes and 20 seconds of reality television, the man in the above video is Josh Murray - former Georgia safety and brother of recent Bulldogs quarterback Aaron Murray - "winning" the Bachelorette. 

Now, we all know Richt is a guy that can march to the beat of his own drum (see this, and this), and the rest of the Georgia football family rightly ignored the result of a staged reality "competition."

Uh, not exactly.

College football is a strange, silly, and wonderful sport, man.

Video: The Vols created a club atmosphere for the last workout before camp

The last workout before training camp starts up is the culmination of an entire off season of sweat and hard work, and because of that, players should be rewarded justly.

That's exactly what the staff at Tennessee did, creating a club atmosphere for their last lift before the start of training camp complete with strobe lights, a DJ, and a heavy dose of dancing. The new atmosphere even helped a few players ring the "PR Bell".

 Miami did something similar earlier this off season, but I've got to say, Tennessee's set up looks like more fun.

Video of the Day - Tommy Tuberville's fantasy camp

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