Judge rules against NCAA in O'Bannon case...but it isn't that bad

Late this afternoon the judge presiding over the case issued her ruling which is in favor of the plaintiffs; but really isn't that bad for the NCAA. 

Here's a summary from the AP:

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 5.37.59 PM

Will provide more links and analysis shortly.

Jon Solomon has a good summary here

Preview a scene from When the Game Stands Tall, the must see movie of the summer


Down at the AFCA National Convention back in January, the AFCA held a pre-screening of "When the Game Stands Tall", a movie chronicling De La Salle HS (CA) and the infamous 151 game win streak. Tickets were handed out and everyone attending the night's speaker was welcomed to attend.

That presented quite the decision; Do I stick around and catch this movie, that may eventually replace "The Program" or "Remember the Titans" as my all-time favorite football movie or do I catch up with some coaching buddies for a beer or two.

I'm not proud of it, but I think we all know the decision that was made.

Since coming back from the convention, I have seen numerous clips and great reviews on the movie, so I circled August 22nd (the official release date) on my calendar and blocked it for good. After seeing the latest clip, I recommend that you do the same.

In the scene below, De La Salle coaches and staff are shown in the locker room following their first loss in 12 seasons, and 151 games. The Shield's Michael Chiklis, who plays longtime assistant of Bob Ladouceur (portrayed by Jim Caviezel in the movie), uses the loss to teach lesson bigger than the game of football.

After watching this one scene, you'll understand why I blocked off August 22nd...and I recommend you do the same.

video via USAToday

Saban's explanation on the importance of being on time should be shared with your team and staff


After seeing this year-old quote from Nick Saban pop up on my Twitter timeline a few minutes ago, I couldn't help but wonder how it managed to stay on the down-low for so long. This is so spot on.


Whether you coach at the youth, high school, small college, FBS, or NFL level, you can appreciate and connect with this quote. It's definitely worthy of sharing with your team and staff.

Years down the road, after Nick Saban has retired with more accolades than a stock trophy case could ever dream of holding, and long after his name has faded from memory of the ridiculous 10-second rule, this quote is going to live forever and be posted in football facilities across the country.

I think that even Auburn and LSU fans can admire this nugget from Saban.

Three and out: Don't do it Nick, the $211,000 shirt and the red zone?

Scott: Nick Alioitti, who I was reminded did coach at Oregon State for a few seasons back in the early 80s, donned the beaver. Doug nailed it:

Zach: This shirt, made out of 18 karat gold, reportedly costs $211,000. Rumor has it Doug has purchased six of them already.


Indian businessman Pankaj Parakh treated himself to it for his 45th birthday. I'm sorry, Mr. Parakh, but I'm going to have to throw a flag here. You're already wearing a shirt made of gold. You don't need the gold watch, the gold bracelet and the gold-rimmed glasses. Have some sense of taste, man. 

Doug: First of all, I feel a need to respond to Zach's rumor that I have purchased six of the $211,000 shirts pictured above. First, if I did purchase them it would require much more "material" than the $211,000 version, and #2, last I heard, Fort Knox wasn't allowing citizens to purchase that kind of gold "in bulk".

With that off my chest I can move on to my contribution to today's Three and out: Being red/green colorblind means that my childhood dreams of being a police officer or a pilot were dashed quite early on...but I recently found that it does have at least one advantages.

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