Video: The Vols created a club atmosphere for the last workout before camp

The last workout before training camp starts up is the culmination of an entire off season of sweat and hard work, and because of that, players should be rewarded justly.

That's exactly what the staff at Tennessee did, creating a club atmosphere for their last lift before the start of training camp complete with strobe lights, a DJ, and a heavy dose of dancing. The new atmosphere even helped a few players ring the "PR Bell".

 Miami did something similar earlier this off season, but I've got to say, Tennessee's set up looks like more fun.

Video of the Day - Tommy Tuberville's fantasy camp

Three and Out: The best recruiting pitch for WR's, why we love Chip Kelly, and here's Peyton Manning dancing

Doug: This has to be the best recruiting pitch in the country for wide receivers:

Zach: In the "I have to work until midnight because if I don't do it then someone else will" world that football coaches live in, it's nice to see a coach admit he fell asleep watching the Combine.

Zach: Here's Peyton Manning to "Rocky Top", apparently performed by Loretta Lynn or one of her contemporaries.

Video: Temple rips out its old lockers for new, and the players flip out

I have seen the Hollman Lockers warehouse first hand, and can attest to the quality and overall bad-assery (if that's not an Oxford dictionary-approved word, it should be) of their product. Whether you're buying for an FBS program or a Class A high school program, Hollman will build you a locker room that is top of the line.

But perhaps nothing can illustrate that point better than watching Temple rip out its old lockers for new ones, and then seeing the look on its players' faces as they get their first look at their new home away from home. The difference is stark.

Photo: John Madden's basement is the man cave that all coaches dream of


There's a relatively simple rule to the idea of having a man cave. Every man that doesn't have his own dreams of one, and if you're lucky enough to have one (or if your wife allows you to have one), it could always be a little better.

That's where this tweet from Tom Gelehrter comes in, who apparently has gotten a peek of John Madden's basement. Not surprisngly, it looks like the ultimate place to watch games in the fall with your buddies...or just posted up by yourself. Would you expect anything less from the inspiration behind the insanely popular Madden games and the face of the Raiders franchise through the 70's?

The setup is just sick. Imagine having your friends over for games with this layout.

If I had one critique, the only thing missing would have to be the Game of Thrones seat for the man of the house. That would be the ultimate feather in the cap.

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