5 defensive coordinators offer up thoughts

Five defensive coordinators offer up some thoughts:

Quoting Auburn defensive coordinator Ted Roof: "We're really working hard on pursuit angles and open-field tackling technique. From that standpoint, it was a step in the right direction. We did a better job in the running game. We just have to continue to work on those plays that rip your heart out."

Quoting MTSU defensive coordinator Randall McCray: "I think a lot of that trust comes from treating people like they want to be treated, kind of like the golden rule. Truth has a lot to do with it. People recognize the experience we have on the defensive side of the ball, ... and then they see that you've been successful in places where you've been, and then trust grows from that point."

Quoting Missouri defensive coordinator Dave Steckel: "Dungy used to always say, 'We're going to do what we do, but we're going to do it better. That's what we have to do."

"That's the great thing we do when we go recruiting. We try to match personnel with our scheme. And our scheme is characteristic of the Colts and Bears, and when they draft, they draft according to their scheme."

"I'll never forget (Dungy) saying it was his third year that the players there were finally grasping what they were teaching them. Well, our kids, some of them, it's their second or third year, and they're really starting to grasp what we're doing. They have great confidence and great chemistry on our defense. I'm really impressed with the way everything is happening."

Quoting Texas A&M defensive coordinator Tim DeRuyter: “I never looked at this as a job where I'm going to save anyone's career. I look at this as a professional opportunity for me at a tremendous institution for a head coach with a proven track record — and not just a winning track record, but a character track record."

Quoting Fresno State co-defensive Tim Skipper: "Offenses this day and age are definitely going to that -- putting athletes out in space and putting an athlete out at quarterback. We believe we're more prepared for those matchups. It's early. We'll see."


Bob Toledo talks about the Green Wave

Tulane head coach Bob Toledo and defensive coordinator Steve Stanard talked about the Green Wave.

Quoting Tulane head coach Bob Toledo: "We missed a couple again today; we’re going to miss some field goals," Toledo said. "It’s like wedge shots. You’re going to miss the green. . . . Until you get the guys in there that you are really working with, there are going to be some mistakes, and there’s not a lot of continuity with that group. So we’ll continue to get better, but I think both kickers (Rome and Santos) are kicking the ball pretty well, and we just have to protect a little better and snap a little better."

"I don't know what's worse, the heat or the rain. At least in the heat, you can still practice. With lightning, you can't come out. We had to move practice around a little bit and lost about 35 minutes of practice reps today and we're not going to practice this afternoon because the weather is supposed to get worse.”

Quoting Tulane defensive coordinator / defensive line coach Steve Stanard: "This is the week. Now you’re in full gear, you’re tired, you’re a little bit sore, and that’s how you play all season, tired and sore. This is the week that really kind of decides how good we can be, if we can push through this week."

"It’s interesting just watching spring (film) cut-ups. Through the first four days, you hear the defensive lineman saying, ‘Man, I can’t believe I was that bad.’ They’re seeing how much improvement they’ve made through the spring through the first days of practice."



Tuberville: We don't know how to finish

After five practices, Tommy Tuberville says,  “You’ve got to earn the right to play — play in the Big 12 and lay it on the line for four quarters, and right now we’d probably make it through a half if we’re lucky. It’s not everybody. A few guys, they’re ready to go, but the intensity has to continue for four quarters and an entire practice.”

Tubs doesn’t believe his team understand the 2010 team motto, “Finish.”

“We’re working mentally right now on trying to make it through a practice. We make it about halfway through, and then we start losing our concentration. We’ve got too many guys that, when they get tired, they don’t know how to finish.’’

 “If you’re going to win championships, you’ve got to be ready to go for the duration, and so that’s what we’re trying to get from these guys. We can go out and probably win some games with the effort we’re giving right now, but that’s not what we want to do. We want to win it all. We want to win every game.”

USC practice LIVE tonight on the internet

UPDATE: Here is the archived footage of this evening's USC practice, in case you missed it.

Spectators are absent from the traditionally crowded practice-fields at USC this season due to the new USC practice attendance policy.  

After the Trojans’ first practice, Kiffin admitted, “I noticed (the difference with no spectators) the first 10 minutes.  After that, I didn’t notice.  It doesn’t have anything to do with coaching.”  

In an interesting move, potentially setting a trend, USC will air this evening’s practice LIVE over the internet. That's right, you can watch Lane Kiffin, Monte Kiffin, and Coach O right here tonight at 7:10 EST.

One of Lane Kiffin’s interesting quotes after last night’s practice: "Do you think they'd let us play 7-on-7?  We'll challenge anybody."

Below, you can watch Lane’s post-practice session with reporters from Tuesday.











Around the MAC, English knows EMU turnaround coming

Quotes from head coaches around the MAC:


Quoting Eastern Michigan head coach Ron English: (After talking to his team about displaying 1. integrity 2. trust 3. embracing the process 4. belief 5. poise)

"It's interesting. I just presented that to the players at our first team meeting, and my point was if the building burns down and the foundation remains – and it will remain because if it's put in right, it will remain – that's what people should say about us. That we have integrity and we trust each other and we embraced the process and we have belief in each other, and poise."

"I think all these jobs are hard. So I don't look at (my job) compared to another job. I think I got this job for a reason. I think it's the right job for me, and I know – not think – I know we're going to turn this program around because we have good people here, and we're all committed to doing it.

"So we're going to turn this program around, that I know."


Quoting Kent State head coach Doug Martin: ''I remember when I first took this job and we were either picked last or next to last every year. 'Over the past three or four years, that's moved up and now we're usually picked in the top three. I think that's a statement to the fact that our talent level has grown and we've been right there at the door ready to knock it in to compete for a MAC East championship.''

''When you look at the recipe for success in our conference, it always seems to be the teams who play really good defense and have an experienced quarterback. 'And that's what we've got this year.''


Quoting Central Michigan head coach Dan Enos: "We definitely feel that the cupboard is not bare. We've obviously got to find a quarterback and we've gotta find some more guys that are going to pick up some of the production that we lost on offense, but we feel that we have a good football team coming back."


Quoting Miami (OH) head coach Mike Haywood: “Eighty-two percent of the guys passed the conditioning test as opposed to 57 percent last year.”


Quoting Akron head coach Rob Ianello: ''The basics of the program will never change. It's about fundamentals and about improvement. 'We want players like that. When we come out of training camp, we have to be prepared for the season. We have to identify our strengths on offense, defense and special teams.” 

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