North Texas AD explains decision, compliments Todd Dodge

North Texas AD Rick Villarreal explains decision behind Todd Dodge’s dismissal: “Coach Dodge has some great skills, but I can tell you that being the head coach of an intercollegiate football team is a different world. There is a skill set you need. He was great in some areas, and like all of us, wasn’t good in others. We tried to work through it, but at the end of the day, we are where we are.”

“We felt like the success that he had in the state and the coaches he had made contact with would benefit us in the recruiting process. To some degree, that happened. We never made the hire because everyone would be excited today and then we would suffer down the line. We believed, and there were a lot of people with me, that [Dodge] could make the transition.”


Going forward at North Texas, Villarreal explains: “We are going to go out and look for coaches with a proven track record at the collegiate level, whether it is it is a coach who is a head coach at a school that would see North Texas as a better position, or a coach who is out of the business this year or two years who has a proven track record, or a highly successful assistant coach.”

“It will be a very quick, but thorough process so that we can truly go down the road in recruiting and get out there,” Villarreal said.


AD say he would recommend Dodge and commends coach for his class: “I would be more than happy to recommend him. He has a lot to give to young people and is a good teacher. He aspires to be at this level.”

“Todd was very understanding. He was a little apologetic and said that he was sorry he didn’t win any more games. He has been a class act through this whole process.”


Construction video of the new North Texas football stadium that will open in 2011:


Urban explains problems, Chizik's message, and Dooley's concern

Urban Meyer points out 2 problems on offense: “We have not had a running back make a big play in the run game since South Florida, which is alarming. Around here, we’ve always had hits in the run game.”

“We used to be 50-plus percent scoring — No. 1 in the country or No. 1 in the SEC — and we’re down to, like, 19 percent scoring on drives.” 


Gene Chizik talks about LSU defense: “I think it all starts with their defensive line. Over the years it has been true that their defensive line has been very physical and athletic, and it doesn’t change as you go further back in their defense. The linebackers are the same, the secondary is the same, They’re just very talented. They’re very well-coached, very sound in everything that they do which you would expect.”


Auburn player Mike Berry talks about Gene Chizik’s message to the team: “It’s like coach Chizik says, ‘Don’t drink the Kool-Aid.’ The coaches have put a big emphasis on ‘Be humble rather than be humbled.’ Plus Malzahn is stressing real big with the offense, you still need to practice hard. If you don’t bring your ‘A’ game you can get embarrassed. That’s one thing we definitely don’t want.”


Dooley wants Vols to reestablish their brand: "All I care about is competing and that's all I tell them. I just want to see us go compete like you're in the back yard. When you're in the back yard, you don't back down. You don't get your head down when your buddy completes a pass on you or when the next door neighbor beats you on a double move post. Competing means not getting affected and playing aggressive. We're not there yet."


Vanderbilt head coach Robbie Caldwell says offense woes are hurting the defense: "Offensively, we haven't given them a whole lot to hang on to. We've got to keep the ball, move the ball, score some points and give them time to make adjustments. But they never complain. We're all in this thing together."


Check out this 30 second video of the Auburn student section during the pre-game tunnel walk (Everybody hand go UP) :



Dantonio puzzled how to rank teams, Fitz concerned about offensive balance

Mark Dantonio says he has no idea how to rank teams: "Yeah, I mean, what do you really know? I mean really, who am I watching? I love Bobby Stoops, but am I watching Oklahoma every weekend? How do I know how good they are?"

"It's hard for me to assess all these other football teams unless I watch them on TV, dipping a Dorito in something or eating something."


Pat Fitzgerald looking for better balance offensively to upset Michigan State: "We want to run the football but we want to win football games. We looked back at the tape and I'm not going to belabor the outcome, but we missed some things and we had some calls go against us. We had a couple single-guy breakdowns but we're close, we're not there yet but we're close. It's Big Ten football, you have to have some semblance of balance. We've been working on it for the whole season so hopefully we'll build on that.”

"You want to be able to control the football, to move the football and to score. As you move down the field, the field shrinks, so you have to be able to run the football most importantly to have success in the red zone. We're going to do everything we can to win, we've taken a hard look at everything we've done in the first half, some things have been positive and some have some room for improvement -- the run game is one of them. Hopefully we'll build off this week off and continue to get better."


UGA offensive line coach Stacy Searles on if he agrees with Mike Bobo that the OL run blocking has been good all year: “No, because … (Pauses and laughs). I’m not gonna disagree with Bobo but I guess I will. You know, it’s our job to block. It’s our job to make room for the backs and it’s our job to protect the quarterback. And we haven’t done that well enough for us to win, that’s the bottom line. We haven’t blocked good enough to win.”


Dabo Swinney frustrated with drops: “Maryland was over committed to stopping the run and they did a very good job. We had six drops in the passing game, including two touchdowns. That’s frustrating. We have to open it up a little more. If teams are going to over-commit like that, we have to open it up more.”

Butch Davis says Miami (FL) by far most physically gifted opponent yet: “By no stretch of the imagination at all, this is clearly the most physically gifted football team we’ve played. They are playing extremely well right now.”

Former Memphis coach Tommy West jokes that Cam Newton should get 2 Heisman Trophys if Auburn goes undefeated: “If he can take that (poor) defense and go undefeated, he should get 2 Heismans.  Maybe he could get Reggie Bush’s Heisman.” 



Richt's motivational tactic and the latest from Stoops, Patterson, Wannstedt

Mark Richt allowing facial hair as reward for winning turnover battle the last 2 weeks: “I hope they are the nastiest looking bunch in America by the end of the year.”


Funny quote from Minnesota interim head coach Jeff Horton: "I lived for 18 years in Nevada -- I like to gamble. And if it doesn't work out, they can't fire you twice, right?"


Bob Stoops’ response to being #1 in the BCS: "What's it matter? I don't remember anybody talking about a goal that Oct.15 we want to be No .1 in the BCS. That doesn't matter at all. All that matters is Missouri. We've played two conference games and our focus is on them. So, that's it."


Gary Patterson asks defense for special effort against Air Force: "If you want to prove that you're a great defense, you have to play on all fronts.  You can't just play where you're great at defending the pass, or the I (-formation), or whatever it is. If you want to be known as one of the best defenses in the country, then you have to be able to play an offense like this and be able to get off cut blocks and not get blocked or knocked down. That's going to be our challenge this week."

Les Miles says LSU will be aggressive offensively against Auburn: "We have to be aggressive against Auburn," Miles said. "We are going to have to throw the football. But we also have to run it. We are going to run the same offense we've been trying to run. We recognize we have the need to score some points in this game, but we try to do that in every game."


Dave Wannstedt says it will take an aggressive Pitt team to beat Rutgers: "Last week, the word was 'physical;' this week, the word is 'aggressive.'  Because they come after the ball, they force kicks, they pressure the passer, and they go after you deep in the passing game. That's been their formula for success. We've got to get ready to be challenged."


Mike Locksley gives credit to Rocky Long: "The job Rocky did is what made the job attractive to me.  He obviously showed that you can win here at UNM.  Obviously there was still some things that needed to be done to continue to build on that foundation that he started.  I'm not worried about what it's like to follow Rocky, I'm worried about trying to beat Rocky." Locksley said.


Former Vanderbilt coach Bobby Johnson doesn’t miss recruiting: "I miss the part of the strategy and trying to knock out a game plan with your fellow coaches, and practice, too. But I don't miss calling recruits and talking to the press every day.

"With all the other things you have to take care of with academics, and just keeping your team together, everything. You're in charge of everything. That's the thing. You're working 24 hours day, basically. Even when you're sleeping, you're getting calls sometimes. When things go wrong, you have to get up and go."


Saban talks about Dooley: "He is a very bright guy, a student of the game -- all parts of the game. He was never one of those guys that just thought he was a one-posi­tion coach. He looked at the big picture all the time. I think he has all the right stuff to be a very successful col­lege coach."


Check out this final 2 seconds of this high school game.  Down 7 with two seconds remaining:

Attention recruits! Do not text near Dave Christensen. Plus, more from Chip Kelly, JoPA, Harbaugh

Chip Kelly told Colin Cowherd the Ducks are better than last year:  “Our players are really confident in what we’re doing because of how we practice.  They have a great understanding of what we are trying to do.”

“I believe we are better overall (than last year).  This group of guys, maybe they’ve learned what we want to get accomplished.  We’re more on the same page.  It’s my second year.  There’s a little bit more familiarity.  The meetings are shorter.  Our coach’s meetings are shorter.” 

“To me it’s always about the players.  What gets lost is who rates these guys.  I know we have players here.  Sometimes that 5 star, 4 star stuff is so overblown.”

“We actually practice at a faster tempo that how we play.  We try to wear teams down.”


Attention recruits!!! Do not text in front of Wyoming head coach Dave Christensen:  “I sat with 2 recruits, where they were sitting where you are sitting, and I’m talking to them about a $60,000 scholarship and they are texting.  And obviously, you probably are aware, that didn’t go over real well with me.  And their parents were sitting right there next to them.  And I told those kids I hope the person on the other end of that line you’re texting has a scholarship for you because I don’t.  But that’s how society is now.  We would have never thought of doing those things when I was younger.  Things are changing.  So you have to change with the kids a little bit, too.”


Bo Pelini says Husker missed 28 tackles against Texas: "Might've been the worst tackling game I've ever been a part of."


Joe Paterno says get rid of the facemask: "I've been saying for years, we should get rid of the facemask. ... It's a weapon, guys are fearless."


South Florida offensive coordinator Todd Fitch talks about struggles: “It's a crazy thing, because sometimes you struggle, and you look across the board and boy, this is broke, this is broke, this is broke. You can't run it, you can't throw it, and then you're really frustrated.”

“You look at everything. You look at the run game we're using. There are a couple of things we want to add to it to get the ball in certain spots against the defense. But really, what we're doing with the run game has been fairly efficient overall in the first half of the season. We've worked hard on our play-action game. It was there against Syracuse, we just didn't connect on it. We didn't throw it, we didn't see it, which was a major thing. As you look at the tape, if we hit those play-actions, I think we have a heck of a day. Really, if you said, 'Hey, where has the focus gone?' we've had to look hard at our passing game.”


Harbaugh compare Andrew Luck and wife, says they are both perfect: "I was thinking just the other night that two people in my life, my wife and our quarterback, Andrew Luck, have a lot in common in that they're just both perfect. With most people you say, 'If they only didn't do that. Or they didn't do this.' Or you wish they could do this, or you wish they could do that. But I don't do that with my wife Sarah or Andrew Luck. They are just absolutely perfect the way they are. For football coach that's pretty great -- to have a great wife and a great quarterback."

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