Video: Navy Seal training at 5am? Ohio is loving it

Ohio is the latest team we've seen to participate in military like training during the off season, and from the looks of it, theirs may be the most intense session yet.

The Bobcats started things off well before the sun rose with a 5am workout, led by former college coach, and Top Shot season 3 participant Jake Zweig. The workouts included a long run, team calisthenics, push presses and squats with a picnic table with teammates, and plenty of crawling and rolling in the sand.

"Right now, you're more uncomfortable than you'll ever be in a game." Zweig explains at one point in the workout.

That's the beauty of it all, summed up in one sentence.

These guys absolutely worked their tails off, and were pushed beyond their mental and physical limits. However, even more impressive than all of that is the fact that they enjoyed it. The last 30 seconds are a great testament to that. 

Photo: Ole Miss really understands what recruits want to see

Hugh Freeze and his staff know a thing or two about how to connect with today's recruit's. Ever since stepping on campus at Ole Miss, they've elevated the expectations, and results on the recruiting trail. You could argue that no staff at Ole Miss has recruited better in their first few seasons.

That's why this picture caught our attention (well, that and the fact it was sent to us on Twitter). The Rebels took four commodities that recruits would recognize (Kirk Herbstreit, Rivals, 247, and Scout), squeezed them onto one iPhone screen, and then let the tweets do their talking for them.

The result is powerful, yet simple...which is almost always the most effective way to reach your prospects. Again, this won't get a player to commit; but it keeps you in his mind and in the conversation and is an excellent conversation piece. 


(h/t @S_Ruzic)

Video of the Day - Indiana football is back

And the winner in paintball today was...

Larry Fedora went to war today...yeah, paintball war. Team buidling. Love it.

No quote yet from Seth Littrell. 

June Jones issues new statement regarding playing in the Spring

Last week we told you about June Jones calling for "out of the box" thinking for the future of football for the "have nots" in the FBS. In all honesty, he was right about the need for creative thinking; but the idea he suggested (moving games for the non power five conferences to the spring) just wasn't the right one. 

As CFT points out, three of the 5 "non power 5" conference commisioners came out vehemently opposed to the idea June proposed. Clearly folks, this isn't happening.

Well today, June issued a statement to clarify that his suggestion was his own, and not that of his employer or their conference...apparently the suggestion wasn't well received by some. 

Jones' statement:

“My recent comments about the non-’Group of Five’ conferences possibly moving their football seasons to the spring were my own, and not those of SMU or the American Athletic Conference. Not being in one of these leagues creates unique challenges, and requires us to think out of the box. My comments were an example of this, and, I hope, triggered others to do so as well.

“Our conference experienced a great deal of national success in its first season. Two teams were ranked in the top 15 of the final AP poll and five were selected for bowl games. At SMU, we strive for that same level of success and will compete for American Athletic Conference Championships. We want to compete with and beat teams from the “Group of Five.”

June shouldn't be roasted for suggesting the need for creative thinking. Let's move on folks. 

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