Episode 1 of "The Grind" from Colorado State profiles the culture change in Fort Collins

Just before Jim McElwain took over the Colorado State program, the program wasn't much more than an afterthought in the big picture of college football. The last time the team won more than seven games was 2002 when Sonny Lubick was the head coach.

Now, coming off a big turnaround culminating in a bowl berth and win in the New Mexico Bowl over Washington State (a 48-45 thriller), the Rams are expecting to continue that upward progress in 2014. Episode 1 of "The Grind" focuses on the man leading the mission, Jim McElwain, and the culture change him and his staff have brought with them as they enter year three.

Players weigh in on the impact that McElwain has had on them as a coach and recruiter in the clip, ranging from freshman running back Dee Hart to senior quarterback Garrett Grayson, who calls McElwain "the most confident coach he's ever been around"

Overall, this is just a really well done video where you get a real sense of the culture shift that has taken place in Fort Collins in just under three short years.

Navy takes the #IceBucketChallenge, and it turns into a team-wide pool party

As the #IceBucketChallenge snakes its way through seemingly every team in Division I, Navy head coach Ken Niumatalolo took his turn momentarily risking hypothermia in the name of charity. Niumatalolo challenged two of his players, and that somehow turned into the entire team jumping in the pool.

Photo: Does this D-II program have the best new helmet of 2014?

Stillman College (D-II - AL) is getting my vote as the top new helmet of the 2014 season with this gem.

How has it taken a team with a Tiger as its mascot this long to take something as sweet and iconic as LSU's midfield logo midfield logo and tweak it to use for their helmet?

I really, really like this one. Well done Stillman and head coach Teddy Keaton.


Video of the Day - WMU goes through military training

Changing the look of your helmet is easier and more affordable than you think


Tarleton State (D-II - TX) head coach Cary Fowler has led his team through August training camp in the hot Texas summer heat for a few seasons now, and wearing purple helmets with a large block black "T" on them wasn't doing any favors for his guys. When coach Fowler saw Game Day Skinz, a company started by Hal Mumme, he saw an affordable product that made practice safer for his team. 

Game Day Skinz is a helmet skin that seamlessly applies to your helmet and is aimed at helping with heat exhaustion and to protect the helmets themselves during two-a-days. We hear there are studies out there that say white helmets keep the internal temperature in the helmet 5-10 degrees cooler than dark helmets when outside in 90 degree heat. 

Fowler bought pure white skins and (with the help of the Game Day Skinz staff) applied them on top of Tarleton's dark purple traditional helmets. At the end of camp, the covering simply peels off, and Fowler and the program are right back to the traditional purple look without breaking a sweat.

tarleton tarleton1

Protecting the helmets during August camp and keeping the players cooler at the same time is not only smart use; but think of the other applications you could use this for. Have a homecoming or special occasion game planned? Game Day Skinz can help you with that; and without having to go through the pain of ordering brand new helmets, you can completely change your look at a very reasonable price.

We understand that the average cost per skin is around $45. So for an investment of less than $5,000 your guys could storm the field with a new look on game day, or simply keep your players safer during camp by lowering the internal temperature of the helmet. Will be interesting to see which teams use Game Day Skinz this season. 

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