Three and Out: Real life Mario Kart, really, man?, and each state's richest person

Doug: Mario Kart is a video game classic that will never die. People have dabbled with incorporating it into everyday life (especially Halloween) ever since it came out...but no one has done it quite like this:

Zach: I don't know why you got into sports, but I do know why I got into sports and I especially know why this guy got into sports: to send emails admonishing grade-schoolers for their sideline attire.

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Zach: Maine, Delaware and North Dakota can't even produce one billionaire. Ha!



Pat Fitzgerald stars in "Coaches in Cars Getting Coffee"

Two years ago, basking in his hundreds of millions and wondering what to do with the rest of his life, Jerry Seinfeld started a web series called "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee". The premise is as imaginative as its title. It's comedians, in cars, getting coffee. 

Like that other thing he's famous for creating, the genius in CCC is its simplicity. Nothing is happening, which is what allows everything to happen. It's Seinfeld and one of the best comedians in the world telling stories, talking about life, and showing us all what makes them the best comedians in the world. 

Northwestern has borrowed that idea with its most prominent head coaches - football's Pat Fitzgerald and basketball's Chris Collins. Both hail from the Chicagoland area, and it's possible no one loves Chicago more than these two. 

Like its namesake, the video is nothing more than the two driving around the Windy City and reminiscing about their Chicago sports heroes and showing off what our own Doug Samuels has proclaimed the greatest city in the world. 


Sark's staff rules; No sleeping in office, 30 minutes of physical activity per day

 The stress and health issues among coaches in our great profession is well documented; Urban Meyer had his health related issues, as did Mark Dantonio and numerous other coaches in recent memory.

How many coaches are actually doing something about it though? Steve Sarkisian shared a bit with the USC Trojans TV station about his plan to keep his staff healthy earlier today, and I found his vision quite interesting.

"I can tell you, on our end, we do not sleep in office. That old adage of sleeping in the office is over. We don't do that."

"Also, it is mandatory for every one of our coaches to do 30 minutes of some form of physical activity every single day, and we really just try to promote a healthy lifestyle."

"We may not see the effects of it right away, but come November and December, I'm hopeful that we're a lot more fresh of a staff, a lot more clear thinking, and that we're providing the best coaching for our players."

Video: Ohio State meets Breaking Bad in "The ones that knock"

If you enjoyed Breaking Bad, which (in my opinion) will forever be solidified among the best produced TV shows of all time, you're going to love this spin on the traditional hype video.

The good folks over at Eleven Warriors (who cover everything you need to know about the Buckeyes) put this together, taking one of the most iconic scenes in Breaking Bad and mixing it in brilliantly with some Ohio State footage.

This is simply awesome.

Video: A 50-yard field goal to save the whole team from running drills...

We've all seen the situation a million times before. The kicker makes a 50-yard field goal, or the entire team has to run. 

Make sure you watch the entire thing.

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Three and Out: Real life Mario Kart, really,...

Pat Fitzgerald stars in "Coaches in Cars Getting...

Sark's staff rules; No sleeping in office, 30...

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