The most "DFO" answer ever

I've spent some time around James Franklin and his staff over the past few years. They work hard, they play hard, they are always thinking about what is in the best interests of their program and their players and they almost always have smiles on their faces. It's not easy to do all of this unless you have an excellent support staff.  

Having spent plenty of time with Penn State director of football operations Michael Hazel over the years, I can attest that he is truly one of the better guys at his craft. He keeps the wheels greased for the program and keeps everything moving in the right direction. 

Well, this morning I saw this video in which James Franklin went back to his alma mater to speak at graduation. I noticed that Michael Hazel is the one guy who traveled with Franklin. I've got the video below set to play at the relevant mark; but you simply have to see this two minute segment for yourself. Hazel's response to what do you like to do late at night is truly the most "DFO" answer ever. 

Head coaches around the country will laugh at this clip...and then they will think to themselves, "Man, I wish I had a guy like that on my staff."

Video: James Franklin's visit back to his alma mater provides lots of lessons

A few months ago, James Franklin returned to his old stomping grounds at East Stroudsburg University to give a commencement speech. We covered his powerful message to the ESU graduating class of "stay broke and chase your dreams" back then, but Penn State recently released a video highlighting his entire trip, and it's excellent.

The 12 minute highlight of Franklin's time back on campus visiting with old friends, professors, and recent grads is a great profile of him away from football that recruits, parents, and fans will appreciate.

At about the 9:30 mark, Franklin talks about a sign that he remembers from campus that reads "OPPORTUNITYISNOWHERE". It's a sign that he has duplicated wherever he's been because of the simple message it sends; you can either read it as "opportunity is now here" or "opportunity is nowhere" depending on your outlook.

Franklin talks about how he uses that message to teach perspective to his players and coaches.

"I think that's a really good tool to show people that life is how you see it."

"I ask players on our team, and I ask coaches all the time, 'How's your day?' and if they say 'alright' that's exactly how their day will be. If they say 'It's the best day I've ever had,' or 'I'm living the dream' that's how it will be."

Overall this is just an outstanding video from Penn State with a number of great messages, and a great behind the scenes look at Franklin's visit to his alma mater.

"It was great talking and laughing and telling stories and just being able to relax...which isn't always the case. It's tough to do that in State College a lot of times and there, I'm still just James." Franklin shared.

#GoACC - Maker's Mark has created a commemorative Louisville bottle

You might recall that a few months back Maker's Mark put Mark Stoops on a special commemorative bottle of bourbon

Well, this morning, in celebration of their move to the ACC, Maker's Mark has unveiled a bottle featuring Louisville coach Bobby Petrino Louisville AD Tom Jurich. Maker's Mark has a long history of including Louisville legends on their bottles.


Side note> For those looking to get a commemorative "Charlie Strong - Louisville Head Coach" bottle of Maker's Mark, it's still out there...



Video: Check out Wisconsin's finished weight room inside of Camp Randall

Wisconsin just released a video touting their weight room that spans over 17,000 square feet inside of Camp Randall Stadium, and it looks impressive.

Head strength and conditioning coach Evan Simon take you on a tour of the facility complete with a large cardio area, some green turf space for warm-ups, 20 Hammer Strength half-racks (10 of which are double-sided), four squat machines, six row machines, and six lat pull-down machines, along with some really nice graphics to decorate the facility and a performance nutrition area for players to fuel up. 

As coach Simon puts it, it's got everything you could need.

Video of the Day - Immokalee Indians (FL) 2014 trailer

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