Three and Out - So crazy it just might work, or just plain crazy?

1. The NFL Draft as we know it is about to be long gone. Its fallen back one month on the schedule and because of that, the NFL could be saying goodbye to the Radio City Music Hall. A scheduling conflict could force the NFL, according to Don Banks of SI.com, out of New York and into three different cities at once for the 2015 Draft. The first round would be held in Chicago on Thursday night, rounds two and three would be held in Detroit on Friday night and the final four rounds would take place in Minneapolis. The Draft would then move to different divisional hosts (for example, San Diego-Oakland-Denver or Cincinnati-Cleveland-Pittsburgh) in the years following. So crazy it just might work, or just plain crazy?

2. If there's two things college football will never run short on, its bowl games and awards. We already touched on the possibility of new bowl games this week and, as if on cue, there's a new award on the scene as well. The Earl Campbell Tyler Rose Award will be given to college football's best offensive player with ties to the state of Texas. A player could hail from Texas but play college abroad (Andrew Luck), stop in Texas for a stay in junior college (Cam Newton) or, obviously, stay in Texas through high school and college (Robert Griffin III and Johnny Manziel). With names like that as recent examples, this new award looks to have a lot in common with a certain stiffarm trophy awarded every December. 

3. If there's anything more pointless than college football point spreads in June, it's definitely college football recruiting rankings in June. With that said, we felt it necessary to point out that, for undoubtedly the first time in history, both Kentucky and Baylor are in the Top 10 of both Rivals' and 247Sports' team rankings. What a difference a head coach makes. 

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