The line of equipment that transformed Iowa State's strength program

The eternal quest of every strength coach in the industry is to get the absolute most out of every athlete he or she coaches. Sometimes a strength coach must fight against the athlete himself to pull out the most of their God given abilities, even if it's only for a one rep. At Iowa State, director of strength and conditioning Yancy McKnight has found a way around that battle. 

Despite boasting a young roster, the Cyclones have posted record squat numbers. Head coach Paul Rhoads has noticed an increased efficiency in the offseason program. And it all stems from a line of machinery that forces players to give maximum effort on every single rep. 

"Eighteen weight lifting stations are equipped with tendo units, devices that can display how fast the bar is moving in meters per second. McKnight can quickly check if a Cyclone is lifting at the desired speed," writes Bobby Le Gesse for the Ames Tribune

"There are five treadmills in a corner on which he can set the speed, duration and incline. If a Cyclone steps on it to run the equivalent of 200 meters, it will be an all-out 200 meters. An athlete can’t hold back. ISU is as close as is currently possible to taking the effort variable away from the athlete and putting it in the domain of McKnight."

Now that McKnight doesn't have to worry about coaching effort, he can fully devote his time to teaching technique. “It just adds that little advantage,” running back Jeff Woody said. “As competitive a league as the Big 12 is, when you stop those gaps in strength, it allows you to get those advantages where the defender or opponent can’t find a way in to take over what you got.”

Watch a demonstration of the new treadmill below, and read the full article here

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