Georgia's iPad / iPhone app is outstanding

Every now and then we see a new app that really just blows us away with its creativity and execution. This morning we stumbled upon Georgia's new app from Overtime Software - The Georgia Way.

From the moment you open it, the app keeps finding more and more ways to engage you. Every time you tap something and get a "cool" feature, graphic or screen you think no way it gets better; but it just does.  I'm pretty sure I just spent 30 minutes in the app. 

Georgia has loaded the app with original videos; plus the graphics and story telling are top notch. This app has to resonate with high school players. This is the type of app that other coaches will see and say, "that's legit". 

The app was a collaborative effort between Overtime Software and Georgia football and the videos were produced by video coordinator Brett Greene and his staff. Impressive work all around.

There are a number of high quality videos in the app; and honestly we could have picked any of them to showcase here; but the one below provides a great walk through view of Georgia's facilities. Nice!

 The app, which looks great on both an iPad and iPhone is available in iTunes at this link

 Update> Added a few screen shots from the iPhone version below.

IMG 4577 

 IMG 4578

IMG 4579 

IMG 4580 

IMG 4582


Disclosure: Overtime Software has sponsored both the 2012 and the 2013 Spring tours. Further disclosure: Their work is outstanding.


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