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Graphically bold playing surface designs are a new trend that has spread quickly through college basketball. Palm trees at Long Beach State. The beach at Florida International. Pine trees at Oregon. The Rocky Mountains at the Mountain West tournament. It was a trend solely contained to college basketball, until now.

Wyoming is installing a new field at War Memorial Stadium and decided to remind opponents they were competing on a field that lies more than a mile and a quarter above sea level. While they're sticking to the traditional green between the goal lines, the Cowboys will be the first team to depict a mountain range in the end zones. And if any NCAA personnel are reading this, don't worry, there are no hashtags to be seen on the new surface. 

"It's great that we are getting a new surface, and it will be nice to have our gameday gold incorporated in the new design," head coach Dave Christensen said in the school's official release


(H/T Eye on College Football)

Author: Zach Barnett
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