Why Sumlin utilizes practice music: 'We never play in a sterile environment'

Playing on the road in the SEC means traveling to some of the loudest places and playing in some of the most rabid fan bases in the country.

While Kevin Sumlin admitted that he started using music during practice while he was at Houston, he noted the noise's added importance since arriving at Texas A&M and playing in the SEC.

"We don't play in a sterile environment ever." Sumlin said on the SEC teleconference earlier today.

"The more critical the play, the louder the stadium is. It helps us from an energy standpoint with our kids, and it forces our guys to have to communicate and focus, in an environment where you can't hear as well. There are a lot of pluses to it." Sumlin noted that he went out and visited with Steve Sarkisian a few years ago and really liked the way that he utilized it and built off of that.

Sumlin added that he used to be in charge of the playlist when he was at Houston, but now their audio / visual guys handle that on the practice field, though he still does hold the veto power. All he has to do is give a signal and the man in charge will move it on to the next song.

That brought up a question in our mind; What FBS head coach would you want controlling your music during practice? Frank Beamer? Willie Taggart? Lane Kiffin? Mike Leach?

Take your pick....we're curious.

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