Davie: 'The contract extension won't change how I approach the job'

Yesterday, Bob Davie and New Mexico agreed to a two year contract extension taking him through the 2019 season.

However, as Davie humbly explains, the new deal won't change his day to day approach on the job.

"Short term or long term, I'm really not sure what any of it means. Quite honestly, on a day to day basis, it really doesn't change anything."

"It's not like all of a sudden 'There's this contract extension and we have this many more years to get this program turned around.' It doesn't really change one thing, other than human nature, when people step up and extend a contract or tell you that you're wanted, it's a pretty good feeling...and I appreciate it."

"There are a lot of other things that led to this extension other than me." Davie humbly explained, noting the close bond that the Lobo administration and his staff share.

"You and I both know that contract extensions, when all the dust settles, sometimes mean a lot and sometimes they don't mean anything." Davie then goes on to share a story about the five-year contract extension he received after the 2000 season at Notre Dame. The Irish went on to lost their bowl game and, as Davie explains, "three games into the next season I knew I was gone."

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