NFL teams are offering interesting incentives to season ticket holders

As a season ticket holder, going to NFL games can get rather expensive. You've got the tickets, gas, merchandise, parking, concessions...the list goes on an on.

Now some clubs are starting to offer some rather interesting incentive programs for fans that purchase season tickets. An article by the Advertising Age points out that all 32 teams and the NFL are launching a customer-relatonship marketing effort to show fans that they appreciate their support during these tough economic times.

Here's a few of the ideas that are being put in place by a few teams already. Expect creative ideas like this to become much more widespread in the years to come:

Private draft parties: The Rams will hold a private party for season ticket holders tomorrow night where they'll have an opportunity to rub elbows with Jeff Fisher and GM Les Snead. The event, free to season ticket holders, was booked in less than 24 hours.

"When we approach somebody to buy a season ticket, it's not "Here's our schedule, here's our price' anymore," Rams VP for tickets Jake Bye said. "You're buying a partnership with the Rams that costs $300...not tickets to 10 games that cost $300."

Exclusive access to players and team executives: The Colts and Falcons are two of the latest teams to offer this perk. The Colts staged a luncheon for season ticket holders last season where they got to meet with players, and the Falcons held a private event where season ticket holders were able to quiz head coach Mike Smith and owner Arthur Blank on the current state of affairs with the team.

Money-saving deals: Jacksonville has partnered with local restaurants and retailers to offer "Jaguar Rewards", where you can earn credit back on in-stadium purchases as a season ticket holder.

It will be interesting to see how the college game adapts to provide a more fan-friendly experience on game day in the years to come. Some schools, like Wisconsin, are already kicking around a few ideas.

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