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We've devoted a lot of ink this offseason to new uniforms, but there's another area of football aesthetics that has gone untouched: field designs.

Granted, teams change the design of their playing surfaces much less often than they alter their uniforms, but it's fun to take a look when changes do happen. This time around it's Louisville's turn to get a field makeover. As a point of reference, here is what the Cardinals have played on for the last 10 seasons.


The school expects this new look to be installed "around June 1".


On top of the new field news, word broke Thursday that the Cardinals could be on tap to face Notre Dame in 2014, the first season as members of the ACC. Let's see, a Sugar Bowl win, men's basketball national title, women's basketball national title appearance, a likely top 10 preseason ranking in football followed by a move to the ACC, with a game against Notre Dame waiting for them? It's never been a better time to be a Louisville Cardinal. 

(H/T @EyeOnCollegeFootball)

Author: Zach Barnett
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