How Cam Cameron's experiences shape the way he coaches

Cam Cameron has lived a very interesting life. He played football and basketball at Indiana. He got his start in coaching at Michigan. He's been an assistant with the Washington Redskins, San Diego Chargers, Baltimore Ravens and now LSU, and a head coach at Indiana and with the Miami Dolphins.

However, as Andy Staples wrote for SI.com, the life of the guy coached by Lee Corso and Bob Knight, who coached under Bo Schembechler, Marty Schottenheimer and John Harbaugh, and coached Antwaan Randle El, LaDanian Tomlinson and Drew Brees is actually ten times more interesting than you think.

Growing up in Indiana in the 1970's, it turns out, put Cameron at the crossroads of greatness. He was a contemporary of former New York Yankees great Don Mattingly, and he played pick-up basketball at Indiana State with Larry Bird. Crossing paths with each of them left him with lessons that influence his coaching to this day.

For instance, Bird taught him the value of sharing the ball. "All you had to do was keep them involved, and they'd run through a wall for you," Cameron said. "Football is hard. Guys don't selfishly want the ball. But they want some reward for all their hard work."

Ten-year Major League pitcher Jim Abbott, born without a right arm but played quarterback in high school, also taught Cameron a lesson he imparts on every quarterback he mentors. "Playing one-handed, they had no center-quarterback exchange issues," Cameron said. "So I showed it to those guys to make the point that you don't need two hands to take the snap from center."

To read the full story on how Cameron uses the lessons he's picked up at the intersection of a truly remarkable life, please click here.

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