Camp Randall is looking to go high tech to improve fan experience

One of the best college football venues in the country may be getting a noticeable upgrade. According to Madison.com, the fan experience at Camp Randall may be addig a high-tech element.

“Everybody in our business — not just college, but pros — is thinking (and) brainstorming, ‘How do you make the game-day experience for your fans better?" Wisconsin AD Barry Alvarez said.

Alvarez says that he and his senior staff and department heads have gotten together to brainstorm ideas on how to increase the fan experience at basketball and football games and one interesting idea being kicked around is the ability to order from the concession stand from your smart phone.

Genius. Who wouldn't take advantage of that?

The original article (which is well worth taking a look at) explains that once you place your order from the bleachers, you'll be able to hit an express line reserved for online purchases to pick up your food and return to your seat. And that's not the only change being looked at, the senior staff also has recommended everything from Internet access to going to a more modern and expansive concessions area.

“TV sets are getting too good," Alvarez added. "The experience of sitting in your living room and watching (games) sometimes is much better than going through the hassle, the crowds, the security and that stuff. Every one of us is going through that.’’

Athletic directors and venues around the country are all battling the same things, and athletic departments like Wisconsin that are willing to think outside the box in order to find creative ways to connect with fans, and make game day more interactive, will see a huge payoff as our smart phones continue to play an integral role in everyday life.

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