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The Colorado video department has released two different episodes of their "Proving Grounds" series so far, but the third installment may be the most impressive and powerful one yet.

Early on in the clip Coach MacIntyre shares his thoughts on who influenced him as a coach, and how some of the great coaches that he has worked under have shaped his approach to the game.

What really impressed us was the round-table discussion where players shared their views on what has changed since MacIntyre and his staff have arrived on campus. Players understand that the real results will come on game day, but the overall mindset of the players seems to have shifted in a more positive direction, and coach Mac explains that they are playing with more confidence and have found ways to enjoy their time out on the practice field this spring.

At about the 13:50 mark, MacIntyre explains the driving force behind his philosophy, which is to care for and educate young people, and how that belief is based around the "four F's" of foundation, family, future and football. 

MacIntyre shares some really good insight throughout this clip, and fnding 20 minutes during your day to watch this from beginning to end will be well worth it.

Proving Grounds - Episode III from @CU_Video on Vimeo.


Author: Doug Samuels
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