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Gruden to Luke Joeckel: 'You want a copy of this tape, don't you?'

In our brief history chronicling Jon Gruden's visits with 2013 draft prospects, everyone's favorite out of work coach has yet to truly have his socks knocked off. Luke Joeckel knocked Jon Gruden's socks off.

The NFL scouting world is unanimously and unquestionably approving of the former Texas A&M offensive tackle's physical skills. You don't get your name mentioned to be the No. 1 overall pick otherwise. But Gruden's QB Camp also gives an insight into Joeckel's mind, and that's where he really starts to impress Gruden.

The video begins with the pair analyzing a play from the Aggies' game with LSU in the 2011 Cotton Bowl. An outside linebacker walks up to the line of scrimmage late in the snap count, telling Joeckel that defensive end Barkevious Mingo would be slanting inside. "There's really two things they can do out of this but with him walking up this late it's pretty sure he's taking C gap and Mingo's going to go B and stunt inside," Joeckel explained. "You could just tell by film study and all that stuff, too."

"See, what your answer was right there, that gets my heartbeat pumping, man," Gruden replied. "These blitzers, they're going to try to disguise it. They're not going to put a red light on their helmet, 'Hey Joeckel, we're blitzing. He's slanting to the inside.' They're going to try to con you, they're going to try to disguise you, they're going to try to fool you because you're a little bit of a rookie."

Gruden then asked where Joeckel got his nasty side from, to which the tackle explained it came from his dad, serving as his 4th grade football coach, using a term to his son that ESPN had to bleep. 

The segment ends with Gruden giving Joeckel the ultimate stamp of approval, asking, "You want a copy of this tape, don't you?"

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