Gruden: 'If I ever come back and coach, I'm never huddling again. Ever'

"Oklahoma is hard to watch because there's so many snaps," Jon Gruden says as he introduces his latest segment, this time with former Oklahoma quarterback Landry Jones. "It is a high-tempo, high-volume offense. You name it, they have it and Landry Jones is the catalyst."

Gruden asks each of his Gruden QB Camp subjects lots of questions. Sometimes it's to see if they know the right answer, sometimes it's to make them uncomfortable. But this time around, Gruden peppered Jones with questions to learn how the Sooners' no-huddle attack works. 

"I want to learn about the Oklahoma tempo because I'm sitting in my house eating Fritos watching the Tostito Bowl, what is this, the Fiesta Bowl? I love Tostitos and Fritos," Gruden says. "As soon as I took a bite out of a Frito my man (Ryan) Broyles gets tackled. Broyles gives the ball to a referee and before Connecticut can say Tostitos, you got a play, you got a protection, you got a route called.

"This is not American football, man. How do you do this?"

Part of how Oklahoma does it, Landry explains, is that the Sooners coach their ball-carriers to give the ball to the closest referee after a play ends so the officiating crew can reset the ball in the quickest amount of time possible, allowing Oklahoma to get on to its next play. 

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