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Recruiting is all about relating to recruits and, in this world of rapidly changing social media landscapes that brought us MySpace and then Facebook and then Twitter, the latest "next big thing" is Instagram. If you're not familiar with everyone's favorite photo sharing service, you probably should be.

One program that has embraced Instagram wholeheartedly is Florida. While other SEC programs are bombarding recruits with mail or sending one-sentence letters, the Gators are tapping into young minds by way of Hollywood.

First, there was this masterpiece from new wide receivers coach Joker Phillips.


Now offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach Brent Pease has gotten in on the act. 


The recruits Pease is chasing were still a decade away from birth when Top Gun hit theaters, but here's guessing the Tom Cruise-Kelly McGillis classic is enough of an enduring cultural phenomenon to resonate with the younger generation.

(H/T @CrystalBallRun)

Author: Zach Barnett
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