UConn introducing a new Husky logo

Sharper. Sleeker. Just as happy.

These are terms that come to mind when looking at the new Husky logo introduced by Connecticut today. 

“Our student-athletes and coaches believe that the new Husky dog logo boldly reflects values such as Pride, Loyalty, Strength, Determination, and Athleticism," Connecticut athletic director Warde Manuel said in the school's official statement. "They are all very excited to wear it into competition and to see it displayed prominently in our facilities. The new logo is a significant piece of the new visual identity of UConn Athletics.”

Nothing will likely change for the Huskies' football team, but when has that ever stopped us from looking at a new logo?

Did you know the Husky logo is named Jonathan? UConn has provided a glance at Jonathan's maturation through the years.


Read the full release here.

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