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We like coaches. We like talking to coaches. We've been talking to coaches a lot lately, so we thought it'd be worthwhile to put all those conversations in one handy place. Now all 12 of our (rapidly growing) 10 Questions With interviews can be viewed on one page, and each of the dozen coaches we've spoken with has something to teach any coach on any level. 

FBS head coaches

- Stanford's David Shaw. Quote to remember: "The most important thing is hiring the right staff. It's the most important thing because as a head coach you don't have the time to coach football as much as you did before."

- Washington State's Mike Leach. Quote to remember: "Staying close to the game is the biggest thing, I think (to staying close to football during his year off). In my case, I did three things that kept me constantly thinking about football. I broadcast for CBS, I wrote a book and was on the radio every day so that kept me pretty active."

- Temple's Matt Rhule. Quote to remember: "I would like to think I built my career on the ability to teach, communicate, motivate, correct and then teach again. Hopefully for a guy who plays for me, that's what he would say."

- BYU's Bronco Mendenhall. Quote to remember: "At least two different occasions over my eight-year span, my wife and I have considered strongly doing something else. After eight years, though, we are unified and anxious and believe not only what it's what I want to do, what I love to do, but believe what I'm supposed to do.

- Arizona's Rich Rodriguez. Quote to remember: "I think the biggest thing is to communicate. It starts with the head coach. We've got to communicate our message, what we want from our program and then everybody has to be on board with that same message and that same kind of goal and mindset. If there are issues that come up it's usually because of a lack of communication."

- Tennessee's Butch Jones. Quote to remember: "I was a full-time Division III offensive coordinator making $25,000 a year and in order to move up in this profession, I went back to Ferris State, took a part-time job with no benefits making minimum wage for nine months. I had to have a summer job to make ends meet with my family. This is a great profession and it's an honor and a privilege to coach. Football is life, just sped up a lot faster.

- Vanderbilt's James Franklin. Quote to remember: "It's funny, a lot times people say, 'I want to be a head coach because I want to be my own boss.' Well, that doesn't happen and I didn't realize that until I became a head coach. You're just working for different people now."

- Kansas' Charlie Weis. Quote to remember: "The best thing and the worst thing about college are both related to the amount of hours that you have a week to spend with the players. You only get 20 hours a week with the players. So what that means is when they're going to class til 2:30 in the afternoon, you have from five o'clock in the morning to 2:30 in the afternoon where you can be studying tape and game-planning and preparing for practice.

- Arizona State's Todd Graham. Quote to remember: "Our staff are teachers. This is a development sport. Where can you go where coaches are going to develop you and help get you better? Obviously everybody talks about that but it's nice when you can point and say, 'Look, here's statistically what we were able to do in one year' and I think that's something is what people look at our program and see. Our staff, our coaches, are great teachers and the ability to develop players is the key to our success."

- Cal's Sonny Dykes. Quote to remember: " I think if you want your players to be a team, your coaching staff has to be a team. That's where it all starts."

 - New Mexico's Bob Davie. Quote to remember: "The past doesn't have to dictate the future. It really doesn't. That's the other thing I saw that was invaluable to me was, you always think in coaching the other guy has the advantage, it's probably human nature with everything. But every place has problems, and I saw that going around visiting all these schools."

- Fresno State's Tim DeRuyter. Quote to remember: "When we were getting ready to play Baylor when they had RGIII, (Johnny Manziel) was our scout team quarterback. I remember getting frustrated at our defense because we couldn't tackle him. Yelling at our guys saying, 'If you can't tackle this little freshman, how in the world are we going to tackle RGIII?' And then after the game our guys are like, 'Coach, I'm telling you, that guy was harder to tackle during our week of practice than RGIII was.'"

- Western Michigan's P.J. Fleck. Quote to remember: "I don't want it to be a one year wonder, have it turn upside-down like sometimes the MAC does. Who's at the bottom comes to the top and who's at the top comes to the bottom. I'm trying to build a solid foundation here and that's hard for some people."

- South Florida's Willie Taggart. Quote to remember: "We're a young program. Those teams have been around forever. We do it our way. I don't know how they do it. We're going to do it our way and then at the end of the day we're going to be like them. We're going to play those teams and beat them." 

- East Carolina's Ruffin McNeill. Quote to remember: "Trust is one thing but if you've gone through an experience with an individual before, in our case, on the field experiences, tight games, tough losses, great victories, off the field situations where having to count on the man beside you. We have an acronym, TBAC - Trust, Belief, Accountability and Commitment. If a guy's been through those things with you, the trust part, the belief, the accountability and commitment, that's where the verification comes in.

- Southern Miss' Todd Monken. Quote to remember: "The number of people that (contacted me about working at USM) directly or indirectly are interested, I can't even count the number. It would probably be in the thousands. You're talking all the way from high school coaches that are in the area to guys that I've known, from lower-level coaches, some guys that might be out of work, some that were trying to contact me indirectly from guys on the staff that I'd hired.

The best of the rest

- Incarnate Word head coach Larry Kennan. Quote to remember: "I said to (my assistants) the first staff meeting we had after I was hired, 'Look, this is a whole brand new deal. We've got to raise our standards dramatically. We've got to go after better players than we've been going after because obviously we're not good enough. We've got to go after primarily freshmen, we're not going to go after a bunch of transfers and shortcuts. We want quality people but we need better players so let's up our standards.'"

- Sam Houston State head coach Willie Fritz. Quote to remember: "Obviously we're happy with where our program's at right now but we're not to rest and be satisfied until we win a national championship."

- Buffalo defensive passing game coordinator Maurice Linguist. Quote to remember: "Football has given me a lot in my life. Some of the most influential men in my life have been my coaches. The game has taught me how to compete, how to persevere, and how to win. Therefore, it is my goal to lift as I climb and give back."

- Not technically a 10 Questions With, though the interview started that way until we realized there was too much story. He's served in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia and Haiti. Now Brian Haack just wants to coach. 


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