Photo: Iowa Western's national championship rings

Back in 2008, Iowa Western decided to start a football program at their small community college.

Five years later and Iowa Western is the top dog in junior college football after winning the national title last season, beating their 12 opponents by an average of 50 points per game. Back when the brainstorming to form a football team started, Nebraska coaching legend Tom Osborne served as a consultant and yesterday he was back on campus as a guest speaker as the Reivers handed out their championship bling.

“I had no idea at the time that things would come along as well as they have,” Osborne explained in the Daily Nonpareil. "“I told (head coach) Scott [Strohmeier] he’s probably now painted himself into a corner, once you win them all, the only good year is to win them all the next year. Expectations get pretty high."

“Once you’ve had some success, the question might be: How do you sustain it? It’s very difficult to get to the level you’ve gotten. And it’s almost impossible to do it in four years.”

Winning the national title is impressive in itself. Building a program from the ground up and dominating after starting the program four years ago is nothing short of incredible.

Coach Strohmeier and his staff have set the bar very high early on in the program's history and these rings will serve as a great reminder of the expectations in Council Bluffs for plenty of recruiting classes to come.

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