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Wake Forest put a fun spin on their team competition this offseason. The seniors drafed eight teams to compete in four team and four individual events

A few of the events included a three point shooting contest, dodgeball, tug-of war, pizza eating, and an offensive line belly flop contest. One of the more creative events was a "sweatshirt swim" where players had to swim the length of the pool in a hooded sweatshirt and then take it off and give it to a teammate who had to put it on.

Back to that belly flop contest though...because who doesn't enjoy a quality belly flop? Below is footage of the winner. If you ask us, his form, height, and enthusiasm helped him win this one with a perfect score (and the splash certaintly didn't hurt).

Offensive line coach Jonathan Himebauch explained that the Wake Forest Super Stars competition was equally as great for the coaches as it was for the players.

“It’s a nice break, especially for us as coaches, too," Himebauch said to ESPN.com. "We’re around our guys all the time, just grinding and going hard with game plans, scheming and practice and workouts that to get the guys in an event like that where it’s fun and lighthearted, but also, you really find out who’s a competitor, and who by any means is going to try to find a way to win."

Here's a video of the entire All-Star Challenge.

Author: Doug Samuels
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