Nick Aliotti: 'All the great teams are self-policed'

While a good chunk of Nick Aliotti's post practice interview yesterday centered around his perspective on leadership, Aliotti also spent some time explaining the differences between Chip Kelly and Mark Helfrich when it comes to their head coaching styles.

While the Duck defense lacks that single vocal leader so far this season, Aliotti explained that leadership by committee will be the strength of this defense. He added that the best teams that he has ever been a part of have been teams that self-police themselves when it comes to leadership, discipline, and accountability.

"I like leadership by committee. I like a lot of horizontal and vertical leadership coming from us down, and team leaders down." Aliotti then cited a an example of what he means by that among teammates before adding to his original thought.

"Every good football team that I've been able to be a part of has been self-policed, and if you're self-policed, you have a chance. If I always have to be the bad cop, or any of my assistants all of the time...it just doesn't work. You hope people have enough pride to get it done." he said.

Two times after practice yesterday, Aliotti was asked about the major differences between Chip Kelly and new head coach Mark Helfrich on the pracice field so far through their first two spring practices.

"In it's simplest form, where Chip was more vocal, Mark is more quiet. But as far as how we run practice, how we expect it to look, what needs to be done....where one guy might be getting on someone pretty hard and challenging him vocally, the other guy is asking 'How can you do that better? Let's talk about it'. That's the difference."

"What's important is that everybody has a different style, but the message and the goal is all the same," Aliotti added to wrap up the interview.

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