Jimbo: 'Our five star recruits have to learn to deal with failure'

Ever since Jimbo Fisher took over at Florida State, the Seminoles have been pulling in some of the top recruiting classes in the country year after year.

Having a few years under his belt of pulling in multiple blue chip prospects has given FIsher a unique perspective on how to deal with the type of players that were standouts in high school, that are now behind a few guys on the depth chart in spring ball. And to him it all comes down to three things; maturity, work ethic and being able to deal with failure.

"Each one of them is different, and it's their maturity levels." Fisher explained. "And the problem with a lot of those guys is that they've never failed, and they've always had what I call their 'nitrous tank', like in the race cars that you see in the movies all the time...they're racing and then all of a sudden they reach down and hit that nitrous tank."

"A lot of them get here and think they can rely on ability, and then all of a sudden they realize, 'Well that guy over there is a five star dude too.' They have to learn to fight through that. It's part of getting beat at corner, or in the secondary, or making a bad pass at quarterback...you've got to learn to fight through that."

Fisher added that the higher level football you play, the more that things even out in terms of ability. Success then comes back to technique, work ethic, and being consistent, and it comes down to coaches getting the young "blue chip" recruits to realize that in order for them to reach their full potential.

"A lot of those guys never deal with failure. A lot of times you see guys and think 'Man he's the best high school ball player I've ever seen, and I can't believe he didn't make it. Well it's not that. He's never dealt with failure. He's never had to grind and work, and they've got to remember that's part of it too."

"As great as you are, God is going to make some other guys that are pretty good too and eventually that's all going to even out." Fisher said.

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