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In case you haven't been a frequent viewer of "As Conference Realignment Turns", here's a quick rundown. The Big East has lost a lot of schools. I mean, a lot of schools. In fact, they've lost so many schools that Temple, who was kicked out of the league in the early part of last decade, was invited back in and is now the conference's longest-running member. Fed up with defections on the football side, the Big East's non-football schools such as Villanova, St. John's and Georgetown decided to leave. As with any divorce, their shared property had to be divided. While the football schools got to keep conference offices and staff, the "Catholic 7", as they became known, got to keep the name.

So, the conference formerly known as the Big East, which at one time stretched to San Diego but now only goes as far as Tulsa, Oklahoma, had to pick a new name. That name was revealed today. 

As is always the case with that league, the Internet took turns kicking its announcement around like a hacky sack.

The Big East is expected to release a formal announcement on Wednesday evening, presumably without any puns.

Author: Zach Barnett
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