'Recruiting is like shaving. If you don't do it daily you look like a bum'

This morning we saw an interesting quote in an ESPN article from Mark Mangino that had us smiling.

Youngstown State head coach Eric Wolford has had the unique opportunity to learn from Mark Mangino as both a player and a coach. He's heard countless quotes and coaching points, but one of Mangino's favorites deals with recruiting and has stuck with Wolford over the years.

"One of Mangino's favorite sayings is that recruiting is a lot like shaving. If you're not recruiting every day, you look like a bum." Wolford shared.

That couldn't be more right.

There's plenty more quality content in the original article (which can be read here), but that quote is one that really stuck out to us. Mangino made his name as a tireless recruiter, and being able to get inside the minds of great recruiters and learning from them is what makes you an invaluable asset to any program as a coach.

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