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Photo: Tony Levine wins April Fool's Day

If you're a Houston fan, you logged on to Twitter this morning to see this tweet from your head coach:

You didn't remember any announcement about a new logo, but nevertheless you clicked the link only to see this:

At this point you weren't sure what to think, but then you read this quote from Levine and it all started to seem pretty real. “As we look toward our move to the Big East, I’m excited about this change once again in our logo,” Levine said in the school's official statement. “The timing of it is just right.”

Levine continued: "There was an outpouring of support for the addition,” Levine added. “Not only will our students and alumni be excited, but of-lovers will be thrilled to see their word finally incorporated into our brand and to see it start to get the respect it deserves.”

As your blood started boiling and the "can you believe this?!?" texts started rolling in from your friends, something inside your head reminded you what day it was.

Our official congratulations are in order to 2013 April Fool's Day national champion, Tony Levine.

(H/T @EyeOnCFB)

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