What the bowl Presidents make

On top of the extra practice time for your young guys and the obvious recruiting benefits, one of the other added perks of playing in a bowl game is being able to put some extra coin in your pocket.  

A recent investigation by USA Today took a look beyond the teams involved in the bowl games and focused on the compensation of bowl presidents to reveal just how much they're walking away with at the end of the day. Their research found that over the past ten years, their salaries have doubled.

As it currently sits, the Outback Bowl in Tampa is by far the most profitable of all the bowls, making bowl president and CEO Jim McVay $753,946 back in 2010. Even the "second tier" bowls pay their bosses nearly $375,000.

Take a look at the original article and more of their findings here. Some interesting behind the scenes info is included throughout the article.

Interestingly enough, of the 35 bowl games, 26 of them are operated by nonprofit tax-exempt organizations. The chart below details the compensation of the bowl CEO's and where they rank in the big picture.

Bowl CEO Compensation
Outback Bowl Jim McVay $753,946
Sugar Paul Hoolahan $634,586
Chick-fil-A Gary Stokan $627,909
Fiesta, Insight John Junker* $587,216
Rose Scott McKibben $562,149
Cotton Rick Baker $502,674
Orange Eric Poms $492,535
Alamo Derrick Fox $461,248
Gator Richard Catlett $398,382
Kraft Fight Hunger Gary Cavalli $375,176
Music City Scott Ramsey $310,715
Capital One, Champ Sports Steve Hogan $295,298
Holiday, Poinsettia Bruce Binkowski $283,095
Belk Will Webb** $198,622
Sun Bernie Olivas $170,423
Military Stephen Beck $156,471
Independence Missy Setters $116,362

Chart via USA Today

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