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Early on in March, Colorado released their first episode of "Proving Grounds", which captured the off season routine from a players perspective and was very well put together.

The much anticipated episode two focuses on the preparation and the personalities of the coaching staff, and is well worth 19 minutes during some point of your day today. In the end, you'll be glad that you found the time to watch this.

Every member of Mike MacIntyre's staff weighs in on their overall philosophy and beliefs throughout the clip. To add to the quality behind the scenes insight that they had in the first episode, the film crew also captures some great mic'd up and office footage in the latest installment.

"Philosophy is very nice, and there's no question that football coaches have to have an understanding of philosophy. But, it is my opinion that it's really the fundamentals, and it's the man in the arena that makes the play." special teams coordinator Toby Neinas says as he explains his philosophy.

"My philosophy is to try to tool our people with the best fundamentals and the best techniques that I possibly can so that regardless of whatever philosophy we choose, or whatever scheme we choose, that it is the fundamentals and techniques that will be the hero and win the day."

Plenty more quality content below. Enjoy.

Proving Grounds - Episode II from @CU_Video on Vimeo.


Author: Doug Samuels
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